Attention Xena Fans: Lucy Lawless Is Coming To Agents Of SHIELD (Updated)


You may recognize her as Xena: Warrior Princess, or more recently as Ron Swanson’s awesome new wife on Parks and Recreation, but soon we’ll know her as Marvel’s newest HBIC. Lucy Lawless will be joining the cast of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD for season two. Of course, who she will be, and how long she’ll be on the show, both remain a mystery to the public. Joss Whedon and Marvel are keeping that secret for now. But we can always speculate: is she a member of Hydra? A good guy looking to join the remaining SHIELD agents? A badass mutant alien superhuman warrior princess? I’m guessing the third.

We’ll have to wait another couple of months to see what happens next on Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD – the show doesn’t return until September 23 on ABC. Meanwhile, the cast continues to be adorable. Here they are at last night’s Guardians of the Galaxy premiere – and yes, that is Chloe Bennet, AKA Skye wearing Rocket Raccoon’s head.

UPDATE: Marvel has confirmed at Comic Con that Lucy Lawless will be playing Isabelle Hartley, “a tough longtime SHIELD veteran who is good with a knife.”

Source: Chloe Bennet official Instagram
Source: Chloe Bennet official Instagram
Source: Chloe Bennett official Instagram
Source: Chloe Bennet official Instagram

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    I understand you are judging from a persona mostly created by the producers of “I Wanna Marry Harry”, when you called Kimberly Bitch an ” idiot”, so I will forgive you, but Kimberly is not even close to that. She is extremely bright, immensely talented, has amazing charisma, a terrific personality, a heart of gold, and tops it off by being very clever as well. I am an actor, who worked with her recently, so trust me please, when I correct your first impression.
    Harry Seddon


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