Project Runway: Movie Night Brings Big Drama For The Designers

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

It’s only the second week of Project Runway season 13 and already we’re doing an unconventional challenge. I hope this isn’t the only one we see this season because, while I’m sure it was difficult for the designers, it didn’t provide too much excitement for us viewers. I mean, there have been some pretty incredible designs over the years, all from unconventional materials like bird seed, hardware store materials, candy, flowers and even vegetables. In the grand scheme of things, film strips and duct tape stuck onto muslin aren’t very exciting. Maybe it’s the designers themselves who are lacking, or maybe the stress of the first team challenge brought the results down to mostly mediocre. Whatever the reason, I can say that for the second week in a row, I was kind of disappointed.

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

The challenge

As I said above, this was the first unconventional materials challenge of the season. The designers are brought to a movie theater and told to create a piece from “movie experience” items – this includes everything from CDs and 3D glasses to ticket stubs, rope, costume accessories and even concessions, like popcorn and candy. I was pretty disappointed that not one designer went for the concession stand. Lame! The designers have 24 hours to complete their looks. In addition to these parameters, the challenge is a team challenge. Dun dun duuunnnnn. Amanda looks ready to hang herself with a film strip. Can you blame her? Remember that team season? Ugh. The designers are divided into five groups of three:

Blue team: Angela, Fade, Sean
Silver team: Amanda, Kristine, Korina
Purple team – Char, Kini, Mitchell
Green team – Emily, Samantha, Alexander
Red team: Carrie, Hernan, Sandhya

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

The drama

There is a lot of drama this week, but it’s all so dumb! I think I injured myself, I was rolling my eyes so hard. If you watched the season premiere, you won’t be surprised to learn that the majority of drama came from two sources: Angela and Sandhya. Let’s start with Angela, shall we? I will just say it: Angela is working my damn nerves. Last week, I mused that her overwhelming sense of self-doubt (and subsequent weepiness) would eventually get old. Well, guess what? It got old. Angela is her own worst enemy. She’s so stuck on the idea of performing well and not disappointing the judges, that she becomes rigid and uncooperative. Sean and Fade suggest taking the movie theme a little further – villains. Angela doesn’t like villains. In fact, she’s dead set on doing a specific technique. I don’t really know what she was attempting, but her garment was basically a mulsin dress with white flowers made of shredded receipts stuck all over it. I think I made a dress like that for a social studies project in the seventh grade. Man, it’s juvenile, especially compared to the sophistication of her team members’ garments. She doesn’t even accept Sean’s (much needed) offer to help – she just yells that no other hand can do what she’s doing. Um, okay, Ang. Get a grip.

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

Meanwhile, the Red team is having Issues with a capital I.  After her controversial win last week, Sandhya has been blessed with immunity. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s willing to sacrifice her vision. Despite her guaranteed safety, it’s Sandhya who remains the most stubborn. She will not compromise her unique point of view – which at first seems to be gluing marquee numbers all over a skirt like a countdown? I don’t know. It’s not the best.

Tim Gunn’s critique is understandably concerned. The looks are sloppy and they’re not cohesive. What should they do? Well, Hernan has the answer: everyone should shut up and do what he says. He resets the team’s direction and, while it’s not great, it’s at least something. Carrie goes along with it. Sandhya isn’t as easy-going. She runs off to Tim, crying about how she’s “being picked on.”  She doesn’t feel like anyone is respecting her vision. Well honey, I get that, but you’re not really considering your own immunity here. It’s Hernan and Carrie who will be in danger, not you. Also, your vision is awful. Okay, honestly, I understand where she’s coming from, but to run to Tim like that? Such a sign of immaturity. Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense, especially Tim Gunn.

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

The best looks

While some teams were dealing with nonstop drama, other teams got along quite well. The Silver team – Amanda, Korina and Kristine – all come together so naturally, it’s like they actually chose to work together! It kind of helps that Amanda’s got a ton of insider experience. She was, after all, part of the all-team season and she’s done an unconventional challenge before. The judges, she says, want you to use things that can’t normally be made into cloth-like material. In other words, use weird junk. And they do, at least when compared to the other teams! Their looks include cording, cellophane, marquee letters, straws and VHS tape. It’s no popcorn and candy, but it’s weird enough. The judges love their use of color, their creativity and the cohesion of their looks as a collection. They win, with Amanda coming out on top.

It’s also important to note here that the judges take special care to call Angela out. Heidi informs her coolly that if it were not for her disaster of a dress, her team would have been on top. Heidi always sort of sounds like she’s scolding people, but this time she really is scolding. Angela is literally looking down at her feet in shame as Heidi goes on: Fade and Sean both had some of the highest scores – it was only Angela’s design that brought them down and prevented their win. You know, just in case she didn’t feel bad enough. Ouch.

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

The worst looks

Unsurprisingly, the Red team is in the bottom. The judges hate almost everything about the collection. The film strips are used in the most expected, literal way. The dresses are sloppy and poorly put together. Plus, they all look exactly the same. Nina really tears into Sandhya and Carrie. Carrie rips right back into Nina. For real, she should know better than to back-talk Nina Garcia.

Since they cannot eliminate Sandhya – something the judges make very clear would have happened otherwise – it’s down to Carrie and Hernan.  Hernan actually had a vision, which is good. However, it was this vision that brought the whole team down. So, who’s worse?

Source: Lifetime TV
Source: Lifetime TV

The results

In the end, Carrie is sent home. It always sucks when a designer is eliminated because the real loser had immunity. On the other hand, I didn’t find Carrie to be likable or particularly impressive. Plus, she probably sealed her fate the moment she mouthed off to Nina. Personally, I wish they’d allowed Angela to be in the bottom. Hers was the worst, overall. Just as she prevented Fade and Sean from winning, they prevented her from going home.

What do you think? Was Sandhya overreacting or was the Red team bullying her? Did Carrie deserve to go home? Just how much do you want Angela to shut up? A lot, right?

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