Ramona Singer Is Leaving Her Husband Mario For Real

Source: US Magazine
Source: US Magazine

Looks like it’s not so “effortless” after all.

After months of denial, Ramona Singer has finally decided to face the music, as it were. She announced Thursday that she’s leaving her husband, Mario, after more than twenty years together. The Real Housewives Of New York City star has been the center of divorce rumors since the series wrapped on filming season six. According to the gossip, Ramona caught Mario cheating more than once – and even in their own home in the Hamptons.

Despite this, Ramona has repeatedly insisted that her family is fine. She even refused to discuss it at part two of the RHONY reunion, which aired just this week. Host Andy Cohen tried multiple times to bring up her marriage, but Ramona stonewalled him over and over again. “I want this closed down. Next package,” she repeated.

Today, however, Ramona has a different story to tell.


You know what? Good for her, for finally moving on. There’s no reason for anyone to stay in an unhappy marriage, even a troll like Ramona Singer. Let’s all raise a glass of Ramona Pinot in her honor.

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