Everyone On Pretty Little Liars Kicked Butt This Week

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

There are only two more episodes until the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, and everyone seemed to come out of their mental funks this week to take some action against their aggressors. Whether it was punching out a sleazoid cafe owner or getting some much needed photo insurance against Ali, the Liars regained some much needed control. Let’s talk about some of the more badass moments. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

1. Emily confronts Sydney

I have one word for Emily this week: Daaaaaaamn. Where did this Emily come from, and how do we keep her forever? This Emily breaks into the boys’ locker room, steals Noel Kahn’s keys and then takes crucial evidence without a second thought. Okay, maybe she shouldn’t go into his car in broad daylight, but maybe Noel Kahn shouldn’t listen to blackmail evidence on a public street at maximum volume, either. Rosewood is a weird place.

The thing that really made me say wow, was how Emily handles the Sydney situation. Emily takes approximately two seconds to swallow down Sydney’s betrayal – she’s been friends with Jenna all along, she’s been using Emily, gathering intel, she’s not really her friend – and then spits it right back at her. This Emily doesn’t waste time getting her feelings hurt. This Emily jumps straight into pissed off. Later, when Sydney tries to save face, Emily ain’t got no time for that. She’s cold as ice when she tells her, quite clearly, that she’s going to stay on as assistant coach to the swim team so Sydney can live in constant fear for her life. It’s pretty spectacular. “I want to see you underwater long enough to feel that twinge of panic,” she says. I mean, what!? Daaaaaaamn.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

2. Caleb punches Zack

There’s no reason for violence, mostly, but what about when a creepy older dude scams on your girlfriend and makes her cry? Well, if you’re Caleb, that means you’re allowed to punch him square in the jaw. Which he does. It’s only step one in Zack Gets What He Deserves: A Play in Three Acts. Act Two is Aria ratting him out to Ella, Act Three is when Ella dumps his ass. And those moments were satisfying, yes. But not as good as this.

Source: lucyhardin on Tumblr

I mean…I think everyone was pretty much like:

3. Spencer out-blackmails Noel Kahn

Finally, we have Spencer. Not to be outdone by her friends, she confronts one of their creepiest enemies head on: Noel Kahn. Sure, Noel Kahn might also be just another victim of Alison’s lies and schemes – but does he really have to hide under that sheet like a serial killer? No, he does not. It’s no wonder when Spencer jabs at him with a fire poker – that sh*t was truly terrifying.  He claims that he has the pictures – evidence that Ali’s kidnapping never happened – as “insurance” against Ali. He doesn’t trust Alison any more than Spencer does. Well, guess what? Not only does Spencer stab him with a fire poker poker, but she doubles down and keeps the photos as insurance of her own. Smooth move, Hastings.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile, things are unraveling for Alison herself – her friends no longer trust her and she knows it. Even her good buddy (and occasional burglar-for-hire) Noel is thinking about blackmail. Looks like Ali’s friends are drifting away…but has she found a new ally in the mysterious man at the police station. He’s confessing to a crime she knows didn’t happen – but will this help her story or hurt it?  Also, did she seriously blow up Toby’s house? Because I have to admit, that would be pretty badass as well.


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