Agents Of SHIELD Casts Mockingbird And It’s Freaking Adrianne Palicki

Source: EW
Source: EW

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t even begin to explain to you how exciting this news is.

It was announced today that Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD has cast its Bobbi Morse, AKA Mockingbird – and it’s none other than Tyra Collette. That’s right, the Friday Night Lights star (and total badass) Adrianne Palicki will be appearing in episode five of the series, with the potential to return in future episodes. According to THR, Mockingbird might not be showing up as an ally to Agent Coulson and his team. I don’t know what that means, but I sure hope it doesn’t mean she’s HYDRA. Also – and yes, I know this is wishful thinking on my part – maybe this means we’ll be getting a Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner cameo somewhere down the line. He is Mockingbird’s ex-husband, after all.

This isn’t the first time Palicki’s been cast as a kick ass superhero. She was originally slated to play Wonder Woman in the mercifully-dead David E. Kelly TV show. Here’s hoping that Marvel can hook her up with a better costume this time around, huh?

The return of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD is just around the corner and I personally cannot wait. Adrianne Palicki and Lucy Lawless? September 23 can’t come soon enough.

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