Pretty Little Liars Post-mortem: Who Killed Bethany Young?

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This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars promised a big confession from Melissa Hastings and I have to admit, I was skeptical going in. As Aria and Hanna almost comically observed, in Rosewood, when someone tells you a secret, it usually leaves you with more questions than answers. But Melissa actually delivers on her promise. In a note to Spencer, Melissa tells Spencer that she’s on her way back to England and she doesn’t know if or when she will return. But she swears that Spencer will know the truth soon. The next day, the truth comes out via a video Melissa recorded at the end of last week’s episode. In this video, Melissa confesses everything: what she whispered to her father in the police station the night Alison returned, why she’s been so shady to Spencer all this time, and why she has to skip town. You can watch her entire confession below:


So it turns out that Melissa technically killed Bethany Young. The night Ali disappeared, Melissa saw Spencer and Ali arguing, then later she saw Spencer with the shovel. We already know from Alison that the fight between her and Spencer ended up being nothing serious – we know that Spencer didn’t hurt anyone with that shovel. But Melissa didn’t know that. When she saw the body of Bethany Young, bleeding from her head, she thought it was Alison – and she was certain that Spencer had killed her. To keep her sister safe, Melissa rolled Bethany into the grave and buried her. Of course, now Melissa knows that it wasn’t Alison after all – it was Bethany, a total stranger, and she buried her alive. This is a pretty horrible realization and it’s no wonder Melissa’s been crying so much this season. It’s also no wonder that she wants to get the hell out of Rosewood. She is, after all, a murderer.

But even though this confession gives Spencer the answers she desperately needed – namely that her sister loves her and wants to protect her – it still leaves me with plenty of questions:

  1. Who really killed Bethany Young? Sure, Melissa ended her life, but someone else gave her that head wound first. Who? Why?
  2. Why was Bethany there in the first place? It’s definitely not just some coincidence – she was wearing a duplicate set of Alison’s clothing. Who gave her those clothes? Was she pretending to be Alison on purpose?
  3. Did the person who hurt Bethany think it was Alison? If so, what happened next – did the killer find the real Alison and hit her in the head as well? Who dug that hole?
  4. Who is this guy (below) and how is he connected?
Source: prettydarksecrets on Tumblr
Source: prettydarksecrets on Tumblr
Source: prettydarksecrets on Tumblr
Source: prettydarksecrets on Tumblr

The more I think about this, the more questions I have. This timeline doesn’t really make sense. If Melissa found Bethany after seeing Spencer with the shovel, why didn’t she see Alison talking to Byron Montgomery? According to Alison’s recap of that night, she and Spencer fought, then she ran off. Then she talked to Byron. By the time she got back to the barn, Spencer was sleeping. So, if we’re to believe Melissa’s story, wouldn’t she have seen/heard the Byron conversation? Did that happen in another place? Wasn’t Garret there as well? It’s possible that I’m confused, so please help clear this up in the comments if you can.

In next week’s finale, someone’s dead and my money is on Melissa. Crazy theory: her video confession was completely false and A was blackmailing her to film it before he/she killed her. What do you think? Will you be sad if Melissa dies? I think I will. *Sniffle*

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3 thoughts

  1. I think the Byron/Ali confrontation happened at Aria’s house?

    But I agree that it’s super confusing. So we’re supposed to assume from this story that Melissa buried Bethany, and then Ali was hit and buried in the same hole later, eventually being pulled out by Ravenswood lady.

    I’d like to believe that either a) the same person hit both girls, or b) Ali is straight up lying and she hit Bethany and/or IS Bethany. And real Ali is dead.

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    1. I am really in the “Bethany is Ali and real Ali is dead” camp right now. But you know what I just realized the other day? Wasn’t CeCe wearing the same thing, too? Were they expecting Bethany?


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