Attention Olicity Fandom: It’s Happening, It’s All Happening!

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Hey Arrow fans, especially all you Olicity shippers: in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Jurassic Park, hold onto your butts. The new trailer for Arrow season three is here and it looks like Oliver’s expressing his feelings for Felicity with more than just words.


Yes, that is a kiss in the trailer and yes, it’s for real. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW:

“It’s not a fake-out…Felicity and Oliver actually have a pretty raw discussion about what they mean to each other, which we’re really excited about, and it’s an extension of what happened at the end of last year.”

That means, the kiss you see? It’s not a phony kiss to fool a villain, or an almost-kiss that doesn’t quite happen. It’s the real deal. Olicity shippers are like,

Okay, lots of other stuff is happening in the trailer, too. There’s Malcolm Merlin with a bow and arrow, for one. Thea looks like she’s training to become a total badass, complete with badass new haircut. Looks like dear old dad is the one training her, too. Plus, Laurel is kicking somebody’s butt in the hospital, Sara is kicking somebody’s butt as Canary and, at the end, Oliver tells someone, “You have failed this city.” Lots of action…but let’s be honest. This is the action we’re all most excited about…

Source: omelette73 on Tumblr
Source: omelette73 on Tumblr

Is it October 8 yet? How about now?

The Office GIFs courtesy of dundermifflinscranton.

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