Month: September 2014

Are You Ready For Reign Season Two?

You know what I hate? When my husband runs off to see the birth of his love child, likely catching the plague in the process, right when I’ve just been crowned the queen of France. It’s bad enough that my best friend might actually die giving birth to my husband’s […]

ANTM Recap: Hair Whip

Last week on America’s Next Top Model, everyone amped up the drama. Tyra tried to teach everyone to be sexy with textbook moves like “the peeping tooch” and “werking the smirk.” Some of the contestants were good at it (Raelia, Mirjana, Will, Keith) and some were not (Adam, Lenox). Lenox […]

Enjoy These Delightful SNL Promos From Chris Pratt

This weekend, everybody’s imaginary boyfriend Chris Pratt will be hosting the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ariana Grande. Since no one really cares about her, here’s nearly seven minutes of Star-Lord and the lovely Kate McKinnon talking about abs, pickles and naughty words. Ariana who? […]

Fall TV: Gotham Premiere Knee-jerk Reaction

Those of you who know me at all, know how excited I was for the premiere of Gotham. Fox’s new foray into the superhero market features the early life of DC Comics’ Commissioner Jim Gordon and his experiences in the crime-filled and corrupt Gotham City. The show also […]

ANTM Recap: Headbutt

Cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model introduced us to Romeo, an actual witch who casts actual spells and may actually have real power. Maybe. Over the course of the last three episodes, he’s cast a few spells and eliminated his biggest competition – first Danny, then Ivy and Chantelle. Every […]

What I Learned From The Bachelor In Paradise Finale

Here’s the thing: when you advertise a shocking, unexpected finale over and over again, you’re sort of setting yourself up for disappointment. Additionally, if you tease at a proposal over and over again, and there’s only one couple who is even remotely likely to get engaged, you’re setting yourself […]