Buffy Fans: Feel Both Elated And Old With These Reunion Pics of Anya And Xander

Source: brisbanetimes,com
Source: brisbanetimes,com

Warning to all Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans: this picture of Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caufield might make you grin your face off. The BTVS co-stars reunited in Brisbane, Australia for Oz Comic Con and took these lovely pictures. I don’t know about you, but Anya and Xander were always my favorite characters. Buffy brought me to tears (sobbing, horrid, ugly tears) many (many, many) times, but I was perhaps never as devastated as when I watched “Hell’s Bells.”

But seriously, are they not the cutest?

Source: Emma Caufield Instagram
Source: Emma Caufield Instagram

I will be an Anya/Xander shipper for life and these pictures aren’t helping. Also, Nicholas Brendon? Age has done you well.

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