I Refuse To Post Another AHS: Freak Show Teaser, I Just- Okay Fine, Here’s Two More

Source: FX
Source: FX

Ryan Murphy is pretty fearless, just like the FX network says. He’s brought us some of TV’s scariest moments on American Horror Story, after all. Serial killers, evil Nazi doctors, witches, ghosts and aliens – these are just a few of Murphy’s scariest things. Something else he’s definitely not afraid to give us? Hype. FX has been releasing an onslaught of teasers and trailers for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Freak Show for more than a month now – but hey, here’s one more! This one’s called “Peek A Boo” and it looks like sneaking a peek at this particular freak show might not be such a good idea…


Yikes. Okay, that one probably scared me as much as the one with the clown.

Speaking of clowns, after reading Buzzfeed‘s exclusive interview with Ryan Murphy and John Carroll Lynch – Mr. Twisty the Clown himself – I’m not sure I’m even going to be able to watch this season. Honest to God, I hope they are overselling how scary this clown is supposed to be, because I don’t think I can handle it if he’s as bad as they say. There are certain things I just don’t do and terrifying clowns have always been on that list (the other item is talking dolls – it’s a short list, but I’ve stuck to it religiously). I am still willing to make an exception for a show as great as AHS, but then Ryan Murphy goes and says stuff like this:

“We said in the writer’s room that if we were going to do clowns, we were going to create the most terrifying clown of all time. That was our goal when we were writing him, but I’m worried about people being too afraid of our clown. It’s heart-stopping what he does. I’m worried. I’m worried that people are going to have cardiac arrests… The clown’s intro in the first episode is … even I was terrified of it. It’s brutal. Two crew members told me they have had nightmares about this clown since we started shooting and they’re not even scared of clowns. I think he’s pretty extraordinary because, when you see why he’s a clown and why he’s wearing the mask … just you wait.”


If you can stomach it, here’s the Twisty the Clown teaser, which Buzzfeed exclusively posted earlier this week:


The freak show begins October 8 and I may or may not be there…

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