Did You Catch The Easter Egg In Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Premiere?

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Did you watch the premiere of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD this week? Of course you did. But on the off-chance that you didn’t, please know that this post will contain spoilers – and lots of ’em.

Within the first few minutes of the season two premiere, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD dropped a pretty juicy teaser, but it happened quickly. If you’re like me, you didn’t catch it at all. But there’s no need to feel stupid for missing it! Here are some likely reasons this spoilery tidbit flew right over your head:

Source: ungifable on Tumblr
  • You were too busy screaming, “Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos OMG!”
  • You were too distracted by Skye’s awesome new bangs.
  • You were too distracted by Ward’s sexy new beard.
  • You were too distracted by how hot Agent Triplett looks in a uniform.
Source: clarke-griffin on Tumblr
  • You were sobbing uncontrollably about Fitz.
  • You were freaking out about the awesomeness of Carl Creel, AKA Absorbing Man.
  • You were too busy mourning the early exit of Lucy Lawless (RIP Isabelle Hartley!).
  • Seriously, you were crying about Fitz, right? It’s okay.
Source: awbuckyno on Tumblr


Or maybe you caught the Easter egg and I’m the clueless one.

But just what was the Easter egg, you ask? Well, in the opening flashback, Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos (!!!) bust into a Nazi/Hydra outpost and confiscate a number of special objects. The main focus is an obelisk thingy, which does some pretty gross things if you touch it (RIP Isabelle Hartley’s arm!) but one of the Commandos takes a quick look into another box before Agent Carter snaps it shut. You could blink and miss it, but…is that perhaps the blue alien guy from season one?

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Here’s your blue alien guy refresher: SHIELD has been keeping him stowed away in a secret lair room, which Coulson was shocked to find in season one. The alien’s blood is known as GH-325 and it has regenerative powers – it’s been used to bring both Coulson and Skye back to life. Incidentally, this blue alien looks a lot like the Kree aliens we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy – Lee Pace’s character Ronan the Accuser, for example, is an awfully similar shade of blue. Does that mean this blue alien is also Kree? And what does that mean for Coulson and Skye – the latter, we know, is an “084” herself – an object of unidentified origin. Do Coulson and Skye have Kree blood flowing through their veins?

Source: screenrant.com
Source: screenrant.com

It’s not likely that this glimpse of our blue buddy was shown by accident. Very little in the Marvel universe seems to be random. According to Entertainment Weekly, Clark Gregg was dropping hints about it, too. “That’s amazing that you picked up on that,” he said when they asked him about the Easter egg. “That’s un-kree-lievable.”

Uh huh.

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