Are You Ready For Reign Season Two?

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

You know what I hate? When my husband runs off to see the birth of his love child, likely catching the plague in the process, right when I’ve just been crowned the queen of France. It’s bad enough that my best friend might actually die giving birth to my husband’s child – a bastard who could one day be king, if circumstances were different – but now it turns out that there’s a huge shadow of evil being cast over my kingdom and it’s probably going to kill everybody I love.

I know, I know, white girl problems, right?

These are just some of the tedious problems plaguing (ha, sorry) Mary Queen of Scots when Reign returns this week for its season two premiere. If you need a refresher, check out the extended trailer below and then tune in on Thursday. Things don’t look too good for Francis, I’m just saying.


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