Month: October 2014

Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Looking For A Downtown Man

It’s time for the fourth installment of Project Runway All-Stars, which premiered last night. While I’m not thrilled with all of the contestants they’ve chosen to bring back (cough-Kate-Pankoke-cough) it’s exciting to see some of the best designers return for another round of competition. After a very pregnant Alyssa Milano welcomes the initial twelve […]

Meet The Cast Of Project Runway All-Stars Season 4

Even though they screwed it up last season, Project Runway All-Stars has a good reputation for giving former contestants a chance at redemption. Its winners from seasons one and two – Mondo Guerra and Anthony Ryan Auld, respectively – both deserved their wins and really needed that second chance […]

ANTM Recap: The Comeback

How many times will we have to hear someone yell, “SEOUL KOR-EE-AHH!” this week? Quite a few, I think. Because America’s Next Top Model is chowing down on some soul food in honor of their trip…to SEOUL KOR-EE-AHH! See, because- oh, nevermind. But before they head out of town, Tyra […]

Arrow Recap: Her Hair’s A Lot Shorter

Previously on Arrow, Sara Lance got super duper shot to death by some arrows, but Oliver still has no idea who her assailant might be. It seemed like it was Simon Lacroix, AKA Komodo, but then it wasn’t. Oops! Oliver has made a vow to catch Sara’s killer, even though Laurel […]

This Week In “WTF Harrison Wells” News…

I think it’s safe to say that this is becoming a thing. Each episode of The Flash gets all the way to the end, and then in the final moments, Harrison Wells does something completely batsh*t. This week’s episode, “Things You Can’t Outrun” is no exception. While the better […]