Gotham Recap: The Waynes Are Dead, No One Is Safe

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

After last week’s Gotham premiere, I was on the fence. On the one hand, I loved the characters and I’m a sucker for a great comic origin story – and Gotham has that in spades. However, I was a bit iffy on the pilot and wanted to give the show a little more time to win me over. I’m happy to say that the second episode had me hooked from start to finish. The goofy dialogue isn’t completely gone, but it’s toned down, as are the fan-service cameos. The episode’s title, “Selina Kyle,” feels a little misleading. I was expecting a focus on Selina’s (or “Cat’s, as she likes to be called) backstory or her current situation as a homeless child/pickpocket. However, she doesn’t appear in the episode until halfway through and even then, nothing particularly interesting happens to her. It’s only in those final moments at the precinct – “I saw who killed the Waynes,” she confesses to a very eager Detective Gordon – that she matters at all. Maybe they meant to call next week’s episode “Selina Kyle” and someone filed the paperwork wrong? Regardless, let’s see what else is going on in Gotham…

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Fish Mooney

I am still baffled that Jada Pinkett Smith is playing the most fun character on this show. But hey, it’s true! She absolutely murders every scene, and not just in the way where she plays an actual murderer. I know she’s over the top, but I think it works for Fish Mooney. Things don’t go so well for Fish this week, though. If you recall, she’s just had a run-in with mob boss Carmine Falcone. Falcone isn’t too thrilled, because Oswald Cobblepot told him how Fish is trying to snatch away his empire. And sure, Cobblepot is nuts, but that just so happens to be true. Fish assures Falcone that she’s loyal and he’s like, “Yeah sure, kid. Me too!” and then his men beat the living crap out of her boyfriend. Whoops.

Bruce Wayne

God, Batman is always so emo, right? Even at such a young age, Bruce Wayne is “testing himself,” which basically means that he’s holding his palm up to a flame – literally – to see how long he can handle the burn. Did you catch the metaphor there? Did ya? It’s okay, though, because Bruce Wayne is ridiculous in canon and if he wasn’t already a total headcase, I’d be worried about the writing. Maybe Thomas Wayne shoulda given a bit more thought to his “never send my son to therapy under any circumstances” rule, though.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Oswald Cobblepot

What do you do when you’re given a second chance at life? Well, if you’re Oswald Cobblepot, you waddle along until you catch a ride. Sure, you might have to murder one of the douchey frat guys for making fun of the way you walk, but hey, whatevs. Next, you buy a trailer. Trailers are perfect for many things, like providing shelter from inclement weather, holding other douchey frat guys for ransom and building an A-level revenge lair. The thing that’s so interesting about The Penguin is how he can be achingly sympathetic one moment and then hideously vile the next. Robin Lord Taylor is really impressing me so far.

Gertrude Kapelput

“Some slut has him in her clutch!” More Carol Kane, please and thank you.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Harvey Bullock

Harvey was a lot less…Harveyish this week. I think Donal Logue is great, but just as it was on Vikings, his character here is decidedly irksome. Sometimes he’s jovial, sometimes he’s surly. There seems to be no in between with Harvey. It’s zero-to-sixty in seconds. The good news is, it’s a lot more palatable this week. His “are you still mad at us?” to Fish Mooney was a laugh out loud moment, and I can’t say I’m entirely against his method of beating intel out of the dude who kept kids locked in his basement.

Barbara Kean

“I’m going to call the newspaper right now!” Shut up, Barbara.

Selina Kyle

I’m pretty sure Selina Cat clawed out some guy’s eyeballs, so that’s pretty cool. I like how Cat is quiet until she can get something out of a situation – then she’s willing to bug the crap out of anybody until she gets what she wants. Kind of…like a cat, actually. She waits, she watches, she gathers information. When the time is right, she uses it to her advantage. It looks like she’s saved herself from getting sent upstate by offering Detective Gordon some juicy info about the Wayne murders. Will she deliver, or will she slide out the back door the second he looks away?

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Jim Gordon

Detective Gordon is dealing surprisingly well with having to kill a man to “get in the game,” isn’t he? I mean yes, okay, he didn’t actually kill Cobblepot, but he could act a little more traumatized or something. Luckily, Bullock is a smart guy, but he’s also completely apathetic to other people’s emotions. He might acknowledge Gordon’s blasé attitude toward forced murder, but he just doesn’t care enough to think about it. Or he’s drunk. Regardless! Jim Gordon is doing better this week! He’s managed to stop a ring of child smugglers (shout out to the Dollmaker!) but he also becomes enemy number one on the mayor’s hit list in the process. If Jim Gordon were on a reality TV show, he’d be the guy repeatedly saying, “I’m not here to make friends!” you know? We get it, Jim. It’s okay, though, I still love you.

What did you think of the second episode of Gotham?

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