Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Recap: This Week’s Holy @#$%! Moment

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Don’t want any spoilers from this week’s Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD? Don’t read any further.

Lots of stuff happened on this week’s Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD – I mean, lots of stuff. Coulson leveled the playing field with Glenn Talbot and maybe got himself a new agent in the process. Fitz got his groove back (at least a little) and helped bring down Creel. Oh, and we learned that Coulson keeps having these crazy-ass episodes where he goes into a trance and carves wacky symbols into the wall for hours on end. Melinda documents the whole thing. Yeah, that last part is pretty weird – but it’s still not the most ‘OMG WHAT!?’ moment from “Heavy is the Head.”

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

That moment came from Raina, the true believer with the fabulous wardrobe. It seems that Raina has abandoned Hydra to support a new mentor. After all, Hydra is only after world domination and, as she mentions, “that’s so 1945.” Raina’s new mentor – listed on Wikipedia as “The Doctor” – employs her to obtain the obelisk. You know, the 084 that destroys anyone who comes into contact with it. Once Raina delivers the obelisk to her new boss – who by the way is played by KYLE EFFING MACLACHLAN – he demands that she pick it up. Fearful but confident in her mentor’s word, she does. And hey, lucky for Raina, it doesn’t destroy her arm in a horrible fiery implosion. Instead, her touch causes the obelisk to light up with the same symbols Coulson keeps etching on his walls.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Considering this 084 was taken in the same raid as a certain blue fellow, it seems likely that this is all connected by Kree technology. The question is, how?

Dale Cooper Raina’s mentor tells her that the obelisk isn’t actually working when she touches it – it’s just choosing to let her live. He’ll show her more…once he meets his daughter.

Let that sink in.

Kyle MacLachlan is Skye’s father. He is Skye’s father. Raina might even be Skye’s sister. And maybe, just maybe, they’re all Kree?

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Like I said: OMG WHAT?!

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