Reign Season Two Premiere: ‘The Plague’ Death Count

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Season two of Reign opens with a pretty grim announcement: the black death has returned and it’s super gross. Nostradamus is on hand to tell everyone to watch out for fever, aches, pains and disgusting open sores. Yep, will do! As for Nostradamus himself, he’s apparently immune since he survived the last plague. A slightly risky assumption, but let’s go with it. Naturally, everyone in French Court is hiding out, trying not to touch anyone or breathe in public. The bad news is, the plague has already made its way into the kingdom, so everyone is doomed. Bash declares himself the first response team while Francis is outside castle walls, trying to find Lola and his bastard son. Meanwhile, Mary struggles with her new duties as queen and Catherine is like, “Girl, you don’t even know.” Let’s see who made it through the season premiere.

Dead: Pascal, the mysterious boy Kenna and Bash semi-adopted at the end of season one. He gets mistaken for a servant and ends up catching the plague. Kenna sings to him and cries a lot, signifying her official season two transformation from Selfish Person into Nice Person.

Not dead: Kenna and Bash’s true love, which sprung out of nowhere last season and hasn’t disappeared since. Hey, did you know that fans call them Kennash? Now you do.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Dead: Leith’s new girlfriend, who also happens to be Lord Castleroy’s daughter. She wanted to spend her final days with Leith, but instead she spent them waiting for Leith to show up and then accidentally drinking poisoned water.

Not dead: Greer’s feelings for Leith. Horrified at the idea of becoming Leith’s mother-in-law (and ew, right?) she begs him to stop seeing Castleroy’s daughter. He does, leaving her to the aforementioned poisoned water. Does that mean Greer and Leith may still have a chance?

Dead: Nostradamus’s facial hair.

Not dead: Nostradamus’s willingness to do what’s right, even if that means giving Catherine plague-like symptoms to keep her from murdering people.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Dead: Mary’s final shred of innocence when nobleman Lord Edward decides to use his incoming shipments of grain as bargaining material. He’s all, “Hey new queen, can you kill my enemy? If you don’t, I’ll starve the whole kingdom!” She tries to deny his request, but he ends up murdering the entire household anyway. See above, re: poisoned water. Oops.

Not dead: Catherine’s ability to see the forest for the trees. One dead guy seems unfortunate until it’s an entire household – including servants and children – dead. Plus, you know, the possibility of all future grain shipments coming to an end. Lord Edward gets locked up and essentially sentenced to death, but his father Narcisse is on his way back and he’s going to be really pissed. Good job, Mary.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Dead: Lady Lola’s freedom. Francis agrees that getting her out of town safe – on a boat as a widowed young mother, far from Court and the plague – is the best chance for her future, and the future of his new bastard son. But then his kid starts crying and he holds him and it’s like, boom!

Not dead: Francis’s fatherly instincts, apparently.

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