Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Crime Story’ Will Dramatize O.J. Simpson Case

Source: thefilmstage.com
Source: thefilmstage.com

It’s been a pretty strange week for TV announcements and it’s only Tuesday. First, we learn that David Lynch will be bringing back Twin Peaks for a 9-episode run on Showtime. The revival will be written and directed by Lynch, and I will probably not watch it, because I was too scared to finish the original Twin Peaks series. I got two episodes in and chickened out entirely. I ended up reading a Wikipedia summary and – spoiler alert – just reading that scared me, too. It’s the only TV series I’ve quit watching because it was giving me actual nightmares. Yes, I know I am missing out and no, I don’t care.

But that’s not the only new(ish) crime series announcement this week – FX Networks has given a straight-to-series order for a new Ryan Murphy anthology, American Crime Story. Like its fictional counterpart American Horror Story, this show will focus on a new crime throughout each season installment – and what better place to start than one of the most famous murder cases of our time, the O.J. Simpson trial? Yes, that’s right. The first season is entitled American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson, and it’s based on the book, The Run of His Life: The People V. O.J. Simpson by Jeffrey Toobin.

According to Deadline:

“American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson is a look at the Simpson trial told from the perspective of the lawyers that explores the chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering on both sides of the court, and how a combination of prosecution confidence, defense wiliness, and the LAPD’s history with the city’s black community gave a jury what it needed: reasonable doubt.”

I don’t know quite how I feel about this announcement. I know the O.J. Simpson case is wrought with great television opportunity – hell, everyone was glued to their sets the first time around. I remember sitting with my parents, every single night, watching the coverage. The car chase, the grisly crime scene, the botched police work, the tension between the legal teams, the DNA evidence and the football star who got away with murder – it’s a perfect drama.

O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson’s children are both in their late twenties now. In a way, it feels too soon – but I guess it’s not? I mean, is it ever really okay to dramatize someone’s murder? No. But it’s been more than 20 years. Is there a statute of limitations on this kind of thing? I’m not sure. I just feel wary, because Ryan Murphy usually makes great television until he tries to tackle actual issues – over the top, outrageous stuff? Sure, fine. But he usually ends up ruining everything when dealing with real life drama. It makes me cringe. See also: every “very special” episode of Glee.

Important questions in the meantime:

  • Who will play Marcia Clark and will she have the same perm that Bradley Cooper sported in American Hustle?
  • Can at least one of the Kardashians get a cameo? Ooh, maybe Rob can play his father?
  • Can we just have Phil Morris, AKA Jackie Chiles, play Johnnie Cochran? Please?
Source: venomous19 on Tumblr
Source: venomous19 on Tumblr

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