American Horror Story Renewed For 5th Season – What Will The Plot Be?

Source: FX Networks
Source: FX

It’s not surprising news, but at least it’s official: American Horror Story has been renewed for a fifth season. The season four premiere broke some serious rating records last week, including being the most-watched television episode in FX history with 10 million total viewers. It also broke my “never watch anything with a murderous clown” streak, which was 34 years strong.

Obviously, there will be more Horror Story to come in October 2015. In fact, creator Ryan Murphy has already been dropping hints for season five’s plot – he said that episode one and two of Freak Show both contain clues for next year’s theme. I know we are only one episode in, but here are some hints and theories I’ve seen floating around – feel free to add more in the comments!

  • Aliens and/or outer space – Jessica Lange’s character Elsa performs David Bowie’s “Life On Mars,” though this could also just be a nod to her surname. American Horror Story dealt briefly (and poorly, in my opinion) with aliens in Asylum, but maybe they’ll pick it up again. Or maybe it’s outer space, but not with aliens? The landowner who speaks to Elsa at the beginning of the episode is wearing a solar system themed tie and Elsa rides a rocket ship in her performance.
  • Hell – Lots of imagery for hell and devils in the premiere. Elsa’s handbag has a devil’s face on it and the entrance to the carnival itself is a large devil’s mouth. Dot refers to entering the “gates of hell.”
  • Gods? Mars and Jupiter are also Gods…I don’t know where I’m going with that, but hey, there you go.
  • Sasquatch – someone calls Ethel “sasquatch” at one point. Boy, I hope it’s not sasquatch, you guys.
  • Old Hollywood – lots of references to famous old Hollywood starlets like Marlene Dietrich, but I think that’s too obvious.
  • Really, really bad picnics – seriously, that picnic did NOT go well.

What am I missing? Hopefully episode two will shed some more light…

Oh, and here’s a note, in case anyone was wondering: I will not be recapping AHS: Freak Show, because I’m still afraid I might not be able to cope with this whole Twisty situation. I just can’t commit to a terrifying clown, you guys. I just cannot.

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