Arrow Recap: No Time Is A Good Time For Goodbye

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Last week, I introduced the Oliver Queen Stupidity Index, a scale to measure the stupidity of Oliver Queen’s decisions each week on Arrow. For the premiere, Oliver came out on top, despite some supremely dumb moves. He got together with Felicity (yay!) but then immediately broke up with Felicity (boo!) and lost his company to newcomer Ray Palmer. Oh, and then Sara Lance came back and got murdered by an unknown assassin. That part was obviously pretty stupid, but at least it wasn’t Oliver’s fault. This week, he must push aside his own grief to try and find out who did this to Sara, plus deal with the threat of a new archer in Starling City. Let’s see how Oliver does.

+5 to Flashback!Oliver for finding a hat to cover that horrible wig hair. Then again, -10 for not stopping his A.R.G.U.S. training for like, 20 minutes to get a damn haircut. I mean, sheesh.

-10 unrelated points from me, because I totally forgot that Laurel was a recovering alcoholic. In my defense, that whole plot was stupid.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

It seems like a no-brainer, but +200 to Oliver for not shooting Tommy back in Hong Kong. Also: TOMMY! I miss you, Tommy Merlyn!

I have to say -40 for not telling Captain Lance the truth about his daughter. I mean, what is that going to accomplish? Why not get the backing of the entire SCPD behind them to catch who did it? It can’t hurt. Plus, that’s just kind of mean. I know Captain Lance has a weak heart and he’s just recovered, but he has a right to know that his daughter is dead.

And –10 more for going after this new archer without saying, “Oh hey, weird since your daughter was just killed by an archer, too!”

Ray Palmer is perusing Felicity in a serious way – seriously creepy or seriously flattering? I can’t decide. But -30 to Oliver for totally failing to notice. I know your friend just got killed, dude, but this smug creep is after your girl! And he is very attractive. WAKE UP.

-50 more for pushing Felicity right into Ray’s arms. While Ray is willing to listen and be there for her, Oliver just wants her “A-game,” and is too busy carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders to give her a damn hug while she grieves. Two weeks in a row of Felicity crying is NOT OKAY.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

+20 to Oliver for trying to get in touch with Thea (and not, you know, forgetting that she exists) and +10 more for not letting his rage out on Roy when he tells him about Thea’s letter.

It seems pretty clear (at least in the beginning) that the new archer on the loose is the same guy who killed Sara – Simon Lacroix, AKA Komodo. I understand, then, why Oliver is so intent to catch him. But -10 for being really bad at it. I mean, WTF was that motorcycle pissing match? Someone shoot someone!

+50 to everyone fighting with arrows and wearing hoodies and jumping out of windows all at the same time. They should go on tour. It’s like the new, more badass Cirque du Soleil.

“So you’re The Arrow…I thought you’d be taller.”  –Komodo  “Lower your bow.” –Oliver, which means -5 for lack of a snarky comeback.

+20 to Oliver for having the foresight to unload Laurel’s gun and then +10 more for the hilarious eyeroll he gives when she yells at him for it.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

I suppose I have to give +40 back, since Oliver convinces Laurel to tell Captain Lance the truth about Sara’s death, even if she fails to do so. But then -100 because I’m supposed to believe that they dug up Sara’s empty grave and put her body in it and still no one told her dad? Ugh. Jerks.

+500,000 unrelated points to Sara Diggle, cutest member of Team Arrow by far.

+10 to Oliver for realizing that he doesn’t want to be alone, and that it’s time to bring Thea home. I think he might be too late on both of those, though. Whoops!

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

The Verdict

Oliver actually handles things pretty well this week, coming out on top again with 110 points. Let’s see how he manages next week when he finds out where Thea’s been all this time…

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