Arrow Recap: Her Hair’s A Lot Shorter

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Previously on Arrow, Sara Lance got super duper shot to death by some arrows, but Oliver still has no idea who her assailant might be. It seemed like it was Simon Lacroix, AKA Komodo, but then it wasn’t. Oops! Oliver has made a vow to catch Sara’s killer, even though Laurel seems to be the more bloodthirsty of the two. Meanwhile. little sis Thea left town with her bio-dad, Malcolm Merlyn, and no one has any idea where she might be. It’s recently occurred to Oliver to do something about that. In the wake of tragedy, Oliver’s come out on the positive side of the Oliver Queen Stupidity Index so far this season. Let’s see how he does this week when it’s time for a family reunion.

+100 to the show for keeping John Barrowman in my life. Nothing for Oliver, but that needed to be said.

-20 points for the weakest interrogation ever. “A girl was killed on the roof. Black leather, blonde hair. Did you see anything? No? Okay, bye!” I mean, it took Felicity a week to get a fingerprint match off that shard of glass from the roof. Oliver doesn’t even have any follow-up questions? Not one?

+10 for realizing that he doesn’t have to respect Thea’s wishes to “stay away,” when it’s exactly that request that got Sara killed. He doesn’t want to go through what Laurel is going through right now. Insight!

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

+5 unrelated points because haaaaay hot fighter guy macking on Laurel.

+10 for having the balls to just walk right up to Thea’s address and yell her name. No chance she might, you know, not want you there? Oliver’s like, whatever!

+5 for immediately noticing how amazing Thea’s hair looks.

+10 more for not immediately demanding that Thea come home. Oliver asks, which I think shows a lot of growth on his part. It also demonstrates a lack of hypocrisy since, you know, he’s been prone to running away as well.

-15 for letting Ray Palmer give Felicity the executive position, assistant and corner office she deserved last season when Oliver had her fetching him coffee.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

+50 unrelated points to Diggle for the line, “I’m not with A.R.G.U.S., I’m just Lyla’s baby daddy.”

-20 from Oliver and Diggle (each!) for not smelling this set up from a mile away. I mean, everyone knows that Shaw was the one selling the A.R.G.U.S. actuals, right? Back at home, even little Sara Diggle knows, and she’s a baby.

-100 points from my dumb ass for tearing up over Roy and Thea. I just love them so much, okay?!

This episode is pretty light on the Oliver, to be honest, so I’m going to give another +50 to Laurel for the line, “I need you to find somebody by Googling his phone or something.”

-5 from Oliver for thinking he could gain Thea’s trust by telling her what a huge effing liar he is. Duh.

+10 for the strangely touching “Mom and Dad both let themselves die so we could live” speech.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

+10 more for the badass MacGyver-level bow and arrow creation. I mean, come on! That was awesome. I wonder if Oliver has a Pinterest board for possible bow and arrow DIY projects. God, I hope so.

+/-0 I can’t decide if I support Oliver’s decision to turn Laurel away. On the one hand: Black Canary! Come on! But on the other hand, I see his point. Without Sara, Laurel is all Captain Lance has in the world and he doesn’t want to be responsible for taking her away from him. Not when just about everyone else is in danger because of him already. But then again…Black Canary! We’ll call it a draw.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

That leaves Oliver at -5 on the Oliver Queen Stupidity Index this week. He wasn’t all that stupid, but he wasn’t very helpful, either. Except for his archery Pinterest board addiction. That sure came in handy!

Next week:  Nyssa ‘Al Ghul is looking for Sara and Felicity is looking for The Flash!

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