American Horror Story: Crossover! Lily Rabe To Reprise ‘Asylum’ Role On ‘Freak Show’

Source: FX
Source: FX

It looks like Pepper isn’t the only character from the American Horror Story franchise to cross over from one universe to another. Lily Rabe is scheduled to appear in episode 10 of American Horror Story: Freak Show in a reprisal of her Asylum role, Sister Mary Eunice. According to Entertainment Weekly, the appearance will revolve around Pepper’s journey from the freak show to Briarcliff Manor, the mental institution from season two of the show. I wonder, is her transition from big top to asylum voluntary, or does Sister Mary Eunice take her against her will? Since this is before Lily Rabe’s character (spoiler alert!) gets possessed by the devil, it’s hard for me to imagine the latter. Then again, you never know with this show. Anything is possible.

Does this mean that more AHS crossover events are possible? What past characters would you like to see make an appearance on a future season? Personally, I’d like to see Madison Montgomery show up again, just so she could say this:


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