Teresa Giudice Spent $10K On Daughter Gia’s Horrifying Music Video

Source: 3KT Instagram
Source: 3KT Instagram

I usually try to avoid things about the Giudice children, because let’s face it: their lives are a mess. I feel bad for them. It’s not their fault that Teresa and Joe are liars and criminals, desperate for an unattainable level of wealth and power. I especially try and avoid things about Gia Giudice, because the poor girl is 13 years old and if you’ve ever been a 13-year-old girl (which I have) you know that there is literally nothing worse to be. I hate watching Gia’s personal tragedies, her awkward journey through puberty and her mini-Teresa posturing be exploited for her parents’ gain. I hate the whole thing.

So, when I heard about Gia’s “music debut,” I ignored it. Apparently, Gia and two friends, aged 14 and 16, have an all-girl group called 3KT, which stands for “three karat diamonds,” vomit. They’re dressed up in bustiers and leather, covering Britney Spears’ “Circus.” You can watch the teaser for the video on their Instagram page, but I am not embedding it, because ew no. The full video will be released on Halloween to the delight of child sex offenders and tabloid media worldwide.

As gross as this story already is, Radar is now reporting that Teresa forked over about 10 grand to help produce the video – against husband Joe’s wishes. Despite their $13.5 million in debt and, you know, loads of restitution fees, Teresa went ahead and paid for the video. A “source” tells Radar:

“Now Joe is absolutely furious with Teresa for defying him, especially since they really need to be on a strict budget. They owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, restitution, and of course millions in the bankruptcy case,”

Okay, “source,” I’ll believe you. But only because I actually think Teresa is capable of such a thing. Man, this family is the worst.

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