Three Burning Questions From This Week’s Agents Of SHIELD

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

1. Which Ward brother is worse: Grant Ward or his older brother Christian? This is a tough call, because they both seem to be pretty effing evil. We all know that Grant is an excellent liar – hell, he spent years as a Hydra agent, working against his own team. He’s ruthless. He’s devious. He’s a big fat murderer, many times over. He threw Fitz and Simmons out of a plane, for God’s sake! I mean, how could you do that to Fitzsimmons? But then again, his older brother doesn’t seem  to be much better. Senator Christian Ward (played by Tim Dekay, OMG great casting) has been funding Talbot’s quest to take down SHIELD, mostly to cover his own ass. If they take down SHIELD, no one will know that his own brother is a murderous Hydra operative. When that plan falls through, he’s more than willing to use his brother as a sacrifice, putting him on the stand (and likely executing him) for terrorism. This is a chance for Christian to prove himself to the world – and to keep his political career on track, of course. In exchange for his brother’s life, he’ll end his quest to take down SHIELD. This doesn’t work out, since Grant Ward escapes, but it doesn’t make the plan any less evil.

The funny thing is, both brothers tell the same story: the other is a liar, a master manipulator. He’s got something horrible inside of him. Both reference torment of their youngest brother, but blame each other. But who can we believe?

Source: ABC

2. Who is the guy with the crazy Coulson tattoos? At the very end of the episode, we see an unnamed man enter a tattoo parlor. He wants to continue getting a very elaborate design, which runs all over his arms and chest. I’ll bet you’ll never guess what it- oh okay, you all know that it’s the alien symbols we keep seeing. Is this guy suffering from the same reaction as Coulson? Is he the one who carved the symbols on the back of that painting? Can SHIELD find him in time to do some tests, or will this guy lose his mind, a la Garrett?

3. How much do you want Bobbi and Lance Hunter to get back together? It’s not just me, right? Because, I mean…

Source: allagentsofshield on Tumblr
Source: allagentsofshield on Tumblr

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

One thought

  1. To answer your first question: we SAW, on screen, in flashbacks, so that is not a lie confabulated by Grant Ward – the scene at the well. Who was the abuser in that scene? Heck, it was in the “previouslies” for this episode, but if you still have doubts, maybe a 1×08 rewatch would help. And before you say that Ward may have somehow “falsified” this memory, believe his own lie? DON’T. People don’t create false traumas, they repress painful memories. That’s how human psyche works. So, at least in that aspect, Christian Ward was lying. He was the abuser. The rest is up to you.


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