Month: November 2014

ANTM Recap: The Great Panda Debate

I think Cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model has some of the worst contestants we’ve seen in years. Some of might be genuinely decent people, like Will or Keith, but then there’s the bad ones – and God, they’re bad. There’s Romeo, of course, who got kicked off the show for […]

ANTM Recap: Drunk Guy In Korea

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the boochers and toochers of America’s Next Top Model – or at least it has for me, because I skipped the recap episode that aired on Halloween. If you skipped it as well, allow me to refresh your memory: after modeling with […]

The CW Reveals Arrow’s New Black Canary

Well, we knew it was coming. Unless you didn’t. In which case, spoilers for Arrow below. Ever since [SPOILER!] Sara Lance was killed in the Arrow season premiere, fans have been waiting for the new Black Canary to be revealed. Enter sister Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy. Now it’s […]