Arrow Recap: This Is Why Oliver Cannot Be Trusted Without Felicity Around

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Last week on Arrow, Oliver and his buddies took a little trip to Cotro Maltese to find Thea and bring her home. They did, but without managing to find out that she’s been staying with bio-dad and general bad guy Malcolm Merlyn the entire time. Oh, and also that she’s now a crazy ninja warrior or something. Because of this this lack of perception, Oliver came out on the negative end of the Oliver Queen Stupidity Index for the first time this season. This week, Oliver gets a little bit more reckless with his decisions, which probably doesn’t mean he’ll do any better. Nyssa al Ghul is back in Starling City looking for Sara and she doesn’t react very well when she finds out that Sara’s dead. Unlike Oliver and his no-kill policy, Nyssa is out for blood. Will Oliver stop her from killing the culprit – and will this only cause more trouble for him in the long run? Spoiler alert: yes and yes.

Just to start off, -500 unrelated points to this show for having an almost-entirely-Felicity-free episode. Yes, I know she was busy paying a visit (and a smooch) to Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, but still. A whole episode with no Olicity? Lame. Though I have a feeling they’re going to make up for it in the next episode.

+20 to Oliver for being nice to Nyssa al Ghul about her dead girlfriend, even though she has an arrow pointed at his face.

+20 more points for having the good sense to follow her.

At dinner with Thea, +5 for saying, “You seem changed…stronger,” but then -15 for immediately following that observation with, “So you’re not seeing anyone? I’m just trying to figure out why you’re so different.” Yes, Oliver, because it could only be a man that’s changed her. Okay, it is a man, but not like that…

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

-20 for Oliver’s horrible flashback hair, which I will continue to deduct points for every week because dammit, I know there must be a barber somewhere in Hong Kong.

Jeez, Nyssa always greets Oliver with a weapon to his face, you know? I understand that she’s got reasons to be jumpy, but that’s such a pretty face! +10 for Oliver’s continued patience and gentleness with her, even though she probably doesn’t need it. She doesn’t seem like the type of girl who likes to be consoled.

-20 posthumous points from dead Sara for going to Starling City to look for not-dead Malcolm Merlyn and not telling Oliver about it. Dummy.

No points, but everyone is taking it awfully well that Malcolm Merlyn isn’t dead. Of course, this is a group of people led by a man who was supposed to be dead for five years – and they’re investigating the murder of a woman who was supposed to be dead seven years ago. So I guess it’s par for the course, eh?

-50 from Oliver for not realizing that the “blank piece of paper” found on Sara’s body might’ve had a hidden message on it. “My father had an notebook full of hidden writing just like this!” says the idiot. Way to make a connection, Ollie.

At first I thought Oliver just took a bad shot against Malcolm, but it turns out he nicked him with a tracer arrow. Now they’ll be able to track his every move. Oliver is pretty pleased with himself, but everyone else is sort of pissed that he didn’t take the kill shot. “I’m not a murderer,” he protests to a very angry Laurel, who kindly reminds him that Malcolm is – he killed Tommy and hundreds of others and maybe Sara, too. +30 for trying to be a good person, but –25 because, uh, everyone else has a point.

“Do you think that’s what Sara would want?” Oliver asks, re: killing Malcolm. “Yes!” yells Laurel. -50 because really, did he even know Sara? Of course that’s what she’d want.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

-10 from Flashback!Oliver for not even letting the old guy finish his ice cream cone before stabbing him. Harsh.

-15 more from Oliver for thinking something like a tracking arrow would work on Malcolm Merlyn.

-50 because not only does Oliver stand there and get read like a little b*tch by Malcolm Merlyn when they meet, but he brings no back-up and makes no move against him the entire time. No, he does nothing but stand there and get his ass verbally handed to him. Way to go, Oliver. You’re really killing it here.

“The world is a dangerous place, and you’re too distracted to protect her,” says Malcolm of Thea and boom, he’s right. -30 from Oliver for truthiness.

And then after all that, Oliver believes Malcolm? Because…why exactly? Only -15 because I’m honestly not sure whether I believe him, too. But then of course, I’m not The Arrow, so it’s okay for me to be trusting.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

+10 for going to Thea and being honest about Malcom’s not-being-dead-ness.  Old Oliver never would’ve done that.

But then -100 because Oliver flat-out tells Nyssa about the only known weakness of Malcolm Merlyn AND IT’S EFFING THEA. Oh hey, crazy vengeful Nyssa who’s dad literally heads an organization of assassins, did you know that your number one target has a daughter? Well, hey, now you do and her name is Thea Queen! Did you know that he cares about her more than anything? Gee, what valuable information I just gave you! ‘Kay, bye!

-50 because hey, guess what, Nyssa kidnaps Thea. NO ONE SAW THAT COMING.

Look, I know that John Barrowman is charming and all, but Oliver sure is an idiot for just standing there and listening to him like, forever and not killing him at all. I mean, he doesn’t even shoot him! Not one arrow! Agh! -50

And then he vows against the League of Assassins to protect Malcolm Merlyn at any cost?!? -200 because dude, Oliver. Dude. No. THIS IS WHY FELICITY CAN’T GO OUT OF TOWN.

-50 more because Flashback!Oliver is busy threatening A.R.G.U.S. with bloggers and Senate sub-committees. Aw jeez.

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Ouch. Oliver is -635 this week on the Stupidity Index because he was really freaking stupid. Am I being too harsh on him? Well, at the end of the episode, we finally meet Nyssa’s father – and head of the League of Assassins – Ra’s al Ghul. He’s like, the most terrifying guy in the world. Anyway, he decides that Oliver’s actions equate declaring war against the League, so…yeah. -635 it is, Oliver. Sorry, buddy.

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