What Does This American Horror Story Season 5 Clue Mean?

Source: FX
Source: FX

In a recent interview, Ryan Murphy dropped the huge bomb that every season of American Horror Story is connected. I’m still freaking out over that news, and I’m sure you are, too – but he also dropped a second, albeit smaller bomb in the same article. Apparently, last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show had a major season five clue. Wait, what? Spoilers ahead, but you already knew that.

It’s like this: after Maggie (Emma Roberts) escapes from Dandy and Twisty the Clown in the woods, she and the rest of the victims call the police. As the aftermath of their terrifying night unfolds, an officer hands her a cup of coffee – and as he passes it over, the camera zooms in on a picture of a top hat on the cup. Did that mean anything? Well yes, it did! Ryan Murphy confirmed: “That is a big season five clue! It’s an arcane clue, but it’s very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you’ll be like, ‘Oh! You dirty b******!'”

Source: FX
Source: FX
Source: FX
Source: FX

So…top hats. What could it be? Well, what do you think of when you think of top hats?

  1. Abraham Lincoln – a Civil War season? That was certainly an American horror story in its truest sense.
  2. Marlene Dietrich – but they sure reference her a lot on Freak Show already, so I don’t see how this could be a season 5 clue.
  3. Fred Astaire – um, probably not, unless Ryan Murphy just really hates tap dancers. Then again, maybe it’s some obscure reference to the movie?
  4. The Penguin from Batman – lord, let’s hope not.
  5. Magicians – this is the reference I think makes the most sense. Season 5 could have a Harry Houdini-esque illusionist theme to it, which presents all kind of horrible scenarios about drowning, being buried alive, Chinese water torture, getting trapped in small places, etc. Plus, right before she escapes, Maggie is about to be sawed in half by Dandy – a legendary magician’s trick. Then again, this reference doesn’t seem to be very “arcane,” as Murphy put it. It feels downright obvious.

What do you think? Is there anything else the top hat could mean? Let me know your own theories in the comments!

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  1. I’m not very sure, all seems possible except the Penguin one but I haven’t seen Emma Roberts at all yet this series- I’m about to see episode 3 tonight. Its really interesting how thought provoking season 4 is- despite Twisty, he’s just disgusting *shudders*. I cried at the end of episode 2.

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  2. Dandy was a term used to describe a fashion trend in the late 1800s. Abraham Lincoln wore a top hat and died in 1865. In coven, Myrtle’s last words ,”Balenciaga”- the company was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, he was born in 1865. The Claywater METEORITE -Wisconsin 1865. Boom just blew your mind.

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    1. Cristobal died on March 23 and the Meteorite fell on March 25 – eerily close to one another.
      However Wikipedia also states that he was born in 1895 not 1865 😦


  3. Rich Uncle Pennybags now known as Mr Monopoly wears a top hat and in fact was the first thing I thought of when I saw the top hat clue.
    Maybe the series will be based within a world that’s like a Monopoly set and each character is somehow related to one of the 10 tokens. e.g. A gardener using a wheelbarrow, ‘the hlp’ doing the ironing etc.
    Each day people roll the dice of life in a game of chance but there will be only one winner.

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    1. Jack The Ripper – Google that and straight away it comes up with a picture of him in a Top Hat.

      They never caught him in the UK because he escaped to the America where he continued his reign of terror but no one ever connected the two ?

      BTW I’m also Nic but mistyped by screen name.

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      1. The Mad Hatter – Alice In Wonderland AHS style
        Willy Wonka – “You stole fizzy lifting drink ! You get nothing ! You lose !” – that shouting scared me as a kid.
        Cat In The Hat – Maybe not
        Snowman – they wear top hats and scarves, have sticks for arms, pointy noses and rocks for eyes – creepy
        The Fat Controller – symbolism of evil bosses everywhere – lots of character names to choose from.

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