Here’s The Most Important News From Andy Cohen’s Reddit AMA

Source: Bravo TV
Source: Bravo TV

As many of you know, Ladies Of London is my favorite Bravo series to come along in a long, long time – and one I actually think has a chance at becoming a successful franchise. I even made a case for a second season, saying how sometimes I enjoy divas who are ice queens, not drama queens. They’ll get into an argument about how to behave at a polo match, but they’ll probably never throw a leg. You know what I’m saying.

Now, I don’t always get my way (RIP Gallery Girls), but during Andy Cohen’s recent Reddit AMA, he passed along this spark of hope:

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Do you see that? Um, I think there is a chance for a second season, yeah, exclamation point. That’s enough confirmation for me – bring back the Londoners! Hell, I’d even welcome Juliet back. Just please make it happen, Cohen.

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  1. I LOVE the Ladies of London series on Bravo. It offers a kind of clean break from the chaos of my other beloved Realhousewives series. In Ladies, there’s drama, but not the kind of drama where tables get flipped and people are arrested, which almost makes it more interesting!

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