Naya Rivera Reminds Kim Kardashian That She’s A Mom, Possibly Thinks Moms Don’t Have Butts

Source: Paper Magazine
Source: Paper Magazine

Glee star (I think? Is she even on that show anymore?) Naya Rivera has put a new twist on slut-shaming: butt shaming. Now, I make a pretty solid effort to keep from blogging about Kim Kardashian, because of many obvious reasons, including: no. But this situation sort of pisses me off and I feel the need to…defend Kim? Yeah, I know. And that sort of pisses me off even more.

Here’s what happened: yesterday, Paper magazine debuted its winter cover, which is basically a whole lotta Kim Kardashian ass. You can see the full photo here, which is NSFW. The cover itself and photos inside aim to “Break The Internet,” and they probably will. Shot by famous French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, one released image bares Kim’s oiled behind as she slips out of a gown. Another (above) recreates Goude’s iconic “Champagne Incident” photo.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to haters, so she will likely get a ton of sh*t for this photo shoot, but it’s surprising to see someone like Naya Rivera pass judgement. She apparently commented on Kim’s Instagram post, saying, “I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…”


I think it’s interesting that the things Kim’s done in the past (a Playboy shoot and a sex tape among the more notable) don’t offend Rivera – who’s apparently making a career out of morphing into Kim Kardashian as it is. But now that Kim is a mother, oh Naya is offended, you guys. God forbid Kim have an ounce of sexuality after giving birth. Moms aren’t allowed to have butts, you see? Because they have kids! (Pro tip: kids also have butts). This? Is bullsh*t. This is the most ridiculous double standard. There are about a million reasons why North West will be screwed up – and trust, she will be – but this photo shoot is not one of them. Get over yourself, Naya Rivera.

Kim hasn’t yet responded to Naya’s alleged comment, but she did have this to say about her achievements in general:

Husband Kanye West doesn’t seem to mind, either, tweeting the cover photo with this humblebrag: #ALLDAY.

2 thoughts

  1. This article makes zero sense. She’s not thinking “moms have no butts’. She’s thinking Kim is an attention wh*re. Which she is. She’s being nude on the internet again for attention like always is. And how she got famous to begin with…


    1. I realize she’s not literally thinking moms have no butts. I just don’t understand how being a mother suddenly makes this an issue for Kim, who – as you’ve said – has made her entire career on it. Why does motherhood prevent her from continuing to promote her sexuality?


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