8 Random Observations From Agents Of SHIELD’s ‘The Writing On The Wall’

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD got super dark this week, giving us an hour of horrible flashbacks, physical torture and serious mental anguish. Plus, Ward shaved his beard off, which is like, the darkest thing to happen all season. Despite this tragic loss, “The Writing on the Wall” was probably the strongest episode of the show so far. Here are some random observations I had while watching:

1. After extracting some terrible memories, locking up his surrogate daughter, hunting down a villain of his own creation, then getting strung up and tortured, it seems like Coulson’s urges to carve the alien pattern are finally over. But what a cost, huh? Coulson now has to live with the knowledge that he helped SHIELD experiment on humans with GH-235. Some went catatonic, some went crazy and eventually, they all had to be mind-wiped and given new lives. Just like Coulson himself. If we know anything about Phil Coulson, this guilt will be worse than any pain he’s endured.

2. The alien carvings aren’t a map – they’re a blueprint to a city. This city “called” to the GH-325 patients, almost like a homing device, so it’s obviously an alien city. They do have alien blood running through them, after all. I don’t want to get too into speculation, but everyone already knows this is linked to the Kree. It’s likely this is also linked to the Phase III Marvel plans for the Inhumans. I’m just saying. Cough.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

3. Seriously, though, this episode was really dark and I loved it. This totally makes up for every misstep from season one. But it had humor, too!

4. Like this exchange:

  • Lance:I didn’t blow my cover.
  • Bobbi:You suggesting I did?
  • Lance: It’s okay. It happens. What did you do, come on too strong? Subtlety is key.
  • Bobbi:You were dressed like a cowboy!

I love them, you guys. I just really do. Did you know that their fans call them HuntingBird? I know, right?

5. Agent May didn’t do nearly enough butt-kicking this week, but I was happy to see Trip out in the field.

6. Fitz told a joke!

Source: i–wanna-be-a-shield-agent on Tumblr

7. You realize that Ward left Bakshi’s phone for Coulson because Ward knew they’d give it to Skye to hack, right? Because he wanted to be able to call her and keep in contact with her? Uh oh, am I shipping SkyeWard again?

8. RIP Ward’s sexy, sexy beard. I will miss you.

Source: quiccksilvrs on Tumblr
Source: quiccksilvrs on Tumblr

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