Three Things You May Have Missed In Agents Of SHIELD ‘Ye Who Enter Here’

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

The latest episode of Agents Of SHIELD, “Ye Who Enter Here,” was mainly a build-up to next week’s mid-season finale – not a ton of action until the very end of the hour. There were, however, a few really interesting tidbits that were dropped so casually, they might have slipped right past you. Here’s your official spoiler warning, if you haven’t seen the episode.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

1. We finally have confirmation that the aliens in question – the blue man from season one, the source of GH-325, and the “blue angels” coming down from the sky who built The Diviner – are Kree. Raina tells Skye this clearly, as in she literally says “They’re called the Kree,” or something. Okay, sure, most of us had already figured this out a long (long) time ago, but it’s still nice to have your theory validated.

2. Speaking of theories, there’s that whole “Skye is probably not an alien after all” thing. When talking about the Kree, The Diviner, and how she and Skye are different, Raina had something very interesting to say:

Source: agentsofshield on Tumblr
Source: agentsofshield on Tumblr

Now, this obviously seems to be a nod to Skye, Raina (and possibly Skye’s parents as well?) being Inhumans. I’ve mused a little bit on the connection to the Inhumans on this show, though it didn’t occur to me until “Ye Who Enter Here” that Skye could be one of them – but it actually makes a lot of sense. The Inhumans are, essentially, humans who have been experimented on by the Kree to produce a powered race of super-humans. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist, and it makes sense with Skye’s backstory. There’s a moderately interesting interview with executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on this topic and more, but they’re mostly  like, “Maybe. You’ll see. No comment.”

3. Mack (RIP?) asks Bobbi if, now that she’s back with Hunter, will she let him in on “the other thing”? No, she will not. But what is the other thing? WHAT IS IT??

Bonus moment: I am still shipping Agents Coulson and May like whoa. Make it happen, show!

Source: allagentsofshield on Tumblr
Source: allagentsofshield on Tumblr

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