Will Bravo Shoot RHONJ Season 7 Without Teresa Giudice? Maybe Not

Source: Teresa Giudice Twitter
Source: Teresa Giudice Twitter

At the season 6 reunion, Real Housewives Of New Jersey star and soon-to-be jailbird Teresa Giudice insinuated that she may never return to the show. Personally, I was like, “Yes!” because she’s the reason I stopped watching RHONJ regularly about two years ago. They need to move the eff on already. However, this might not be the case, which is bad news for me, but I guess good news for Teresa fans.

It was originally rumored that Teresa and her family would rush through some production prior to January 5, when she will begin her 15-month sentence. But according to an article on E! News, that’s not the case. In fact, filming for the series has been delayed indefinitely. Radar Online reports that Bravo is nervous to do a show without Teresa, although the network hasn’t confirmed or denied any casting at this point.

So, what’s the plan? Supposedly, Bravo is considering delaying the show until Teresa and Joe are both released from jail. “They’re exploring shelving the season until 2016, when Teresa gets out of prison,” a source told Radar. “By having her fresh out of prison, there would be a clear storyline. It would also pull on fans’ heartstrings to see the changed Teresa back in the limelight.”

That…sounds like a really bad idea. In my opinion, this franchise has revolved around Teresa and her family for way too long – to completely halt the show for her feels like the wrong direction entirely. I say Bravo starts fresh – new cast, new families, new everything. What do you think? Is RHONJ nothing without the Giudices or are you ready for them to go in another direction?

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  1. I watch this show as well… I’m kinda tired of it to be honest with you lol…I think I’m with you if I read what you said correct I believe they should start fresh with a whole new cast members and family. I don’t like to speak about kids but I feel that they are gonna have hands full with the girls to me they act up and yell all the time on the show lol maybe it is just me lol… But hey it might be worth a watch to see how the father handles his role a dad on the show? how much help he may need heck i don’t know… I just think imho it would be best to start fresh on all accounts… Hope that you have a wonderful day… Suzette

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    1. Yeah, the more they focus on the kids, the more uncomfortable I get. I don’t want their lives completely ruined even more than they already are. They act up on the show and play to the cameras – the show should move on from them and let them grow up.

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      1. Oh I so agree with you on all points. They do play it up for the cameras and after all they are just kids so I would do the same hehe.. But agree I think this could get real ugly really fast for the kids especially and they are the ones that I think of the most on these shows…Let them grow up they have enough to deal with especially now and all the changes that will take place….Let them all rest and focus and start with a new family…

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