While Gotham Is On Hiatus, Enjoy These Delightful Cast Selfies

Gotham is on winter hiatus, so we won’t get to see Bruce, Harvey, Jim, Alfred, Fish or Oswald for quite a while. It’s understandable if you go into withdrawal – hell, you might even start missing Allen and Montoya by the time spring 2015 rolls around (no you won’t). But in the meantime, satisfy your Gotham craving with these amazingly adorable behind-the-scenes cast photos.


Adorable cast is adorable.


Hot dudes alert.


I would kill for a Vine of this. Please tell me they’re singing Taylor Swift.


It took me forever to realize that was Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma).


David Mazouz (Bruce) should be very grateful for whoever does his hair on set.


They seem a lot more friendly here than last time we saw them.


Stop it, you two.


I love them so much, though.


Future OTP.


Sean Pertwee (Alfred) does a great selfie duck face.

Images courtesy of jontronvevo on Tumblr

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