Best Moments From The Flash Vs. Arrow Part 2 (I’m Still Flailing)

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

I’ll be honest – I didn’t enjoy part 2 of The Flash vs. Arrow as much as the first. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the hell out of it. Because I did. In fact, I wish they would do this at least say, once a month? Just make the crossovers a regular thing? That way, we can keep getting a super snarky Barry Allen and a slightly happier Oliver Queen fighting crime together, which is apparently a thing I needed in my life. Can we make that happen, CW? Please?

Just like with part one,  I am still flailing over so many moments from what the kids are calling “Flarrow” (say it a few times, it’s fun). Here are just a few moments that made me grin. Spoilers ahead.

1. Barry was less of a d-bag this episode, which was a little disappointing (I like d-bag Barry! I just do!) but he made Oliver Queen smile like this, so I guess it’s okay. I mean, how often does Oliver actually smile? Not often.

2. We could also have a show where Roy goes on playdates with Caitlin and Cisco. Roy needs some friends his own age, you know? Not that Oliver isn’t great in his own way, but I think Felicity explains it best.

3. We haven’t seen much of Detective Captain Lance in a while, but whenever he shows up, boy is he hilarious. Poor Barry. Don’t take it personally, buddy. (Also, Oliver’s face in this is amazing.)

3. But it’s alright, because even though Detective Captain Lance doesn’t remember you, Barry, you’re a total badass. Did you see the thing he did? With the boomerang? UMMMMM THAT WAS AWESOME. I MEAN REALLY. Even Ollie is like, “Damn, okay, that was pretty neat.”

4. I know I’ve already gone on about how much I love everything about Cisco, but it bears repeating – he is just so delightful to watch. I love his open fanboyish behavior around both Flash and Arrow and how Caitlin is always like, “Gawd, Cisco, stahhhp.”

5. As much as I love the Diggle and Lyla “We’re not married” shtick – and I do! – I am so happy that Diggle finally proposed and she said yes. Also I am pretty happy that Lyla isn’t dead, because that would NOT BE OKAY. I mean, look at them! “Will you please stop talking so I can say yes?” Sigh.

Source: coffeeandirony on Tumblr
Source: coffeeandirony on Tumblr

6. But of course, the biggest siiiigh from Flash vs. Arrow part two came from Felicity Smoak. The episode was ripe with amazing Olicity moments and, even though Oliver continues to be a moron, it gives me hope for them in the future. Because, you know, SHE IS HIS LIGHT. The show is real subtle about this, see.

Ahem. Subtle, see?

7. Felicity remembering the landmine. And then Oliver remembering the landmine. And then the look Oliver gave Felicity when they both remember the landmine. #olicityfeels

8. And of course, Felicity and Caitlin’s mutual appreciation for the salmon ladder. I know how you feel, ladies.

Because, I mean, you know?


GIFs courtesy of akscullyunicornshipskholendx78unlikely-alliancesmoakingxqueenavatarwinchester, telefilmaddictedforever and followthepostits on Tumblr.

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