Cuba Gooding, Jr. Is The Next O.J. Simpson (Fictionally Speaking)


In today’s biggest “uh, okay, sure?” entertainment news, Ryan Murphy has cast the two leading characters for his new anthology series, American Crime Story. This show will serve as a true-crime companion piece to the fictitious American Horror Story anthology series, focusing on one real-life American criminal case each season. The first season will center on the O.J. Simpson trial and we officially have our O.J.: none other than Mr-Show-Me-The-Money himself, Cuba Gooding, Jr. I…okay…sure?

Ryan Murphy’s favorite lady not named Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, will play prosecutor Marcia Clark. That is…kind of perfect, actually, now that I think about it. I’m also guessing that Sarah Paulson will look even weirder with a perm than she does with two heads.

No word on other notable roles, such as Johnnie Cochran or Judge Lance Ito. My only comment on future casting is that Gary Busey would be the perfect Kato Kaelin. I’m just saying. Someone start a Kickstarter for me.

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