Here’s My Crackpot Theory On Harrison Wells And The Identity Of Reverse Flash

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

In last night’s winter finale of The Flash, “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” Barry Allen met that very man…sort of. Barry met him – or rather, got his butt kicked by him – several times, but he has no idea who or what he is…even though it’s pretty clear that the man in the yellow suit knows all about Barry.

So, what happened? Here’s my short and spoilery recap: the man in the yellow suit – also known as Reverse Flash – returns with a specific purpose. He wants the tachyon prototype, a device that uses the (hypothetical) tachyon particles to travel at the speed of light. Along his way to steal the prototype, he terrorizes Barry a few times, proving himself to be faster, stronger and more powerful. It’s pretty alarming.

Of course, there’s a huge final showdown, led by Eddie Thawne and his anti-Flash task force. Joe West and Harrison Wells are also on hand to help trap Reverse Flash. During that showdown, it’s actually Dr. Sketchison Wells himself who almost dies at the hands of Reverse Flash. Joe saves his life at the last moment, but Reverse Flash runs off (very quickly!) with the tachyon prototype. Basically, everything goes horribly wrong.

But this wouldn’t be an episode of The Flash without a “WTF Harrison Wells” final scene, would it? In the last moments, we see Dr. Wells open a secret door with a ring adorned with a lightning bolt. The door opens to reveal…the yellow suit! Dr. Wells places the tachyon prototype on the suit with a smile and says, “Merry Christmas” in the same distorted voice of Reverse Flash. Say it with me now: YOU BASTARD, I KNEW IT!!

Source: skyeswaerd on Tumblr
Source: skyesward on Tumblr
Source: skyesward on Tumblr

It sure looks like Dr. Wells is none other than Reverse Flash…but how? Here’s my crackpot theory:

  • Harrison Wells can travel through time. We sort of already know this, right? That’s how he has a newspaper from the future and all.
  • Harrison wells is Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom, from the future. He’s traveling back through time with a fake identity.
  • Eddie Thawne (who I originally thought might be Reverse Flash) is an ancestor of Zoom’s, which is why Reverse Flash doesn’t harm him.
Source: theflashgifs on Tumblr
Source: theflashgifs on Tumblr
  • So yes, Harrison Wells traveled through time to beat the sh*t out of himself – but he also traveled through time to steal the tachyon prototype for himself.
  • Cisco tells Joe that there was a second “speedster” with the yellow suit on the night of Barry’s mother’s murder. Joe thinks it’s an accomplice, and I originally thought it was Eddie, time traveling and working with Wells. I thought they were like, some crazy time traveling murder duo. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? I mean, even for this show.
  • Now I think it’s actually Barry coming back from the future to witness his mother’s murder and fight the Reverse Flash. Hence the red and yellow zooming. This is also how young Barry ends up outside, safe from harm. Also, Reverse Flash says to Barry, “We’ve done this before,” which would make sense in this theory.
  • There is no spoon.

What do you think? Do you agree with my theory? What are your theories? Let me know in the comments!

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