Agents Of SHIELD Revealed Skye’s True Identity And It’s Awesome

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

The Agents Of SHIELD winter finale was, in a word, bananas. So many things happened – seriously, so many things – but I think the most significant moment was when we learned the true identity of Skye. If you’re a comic fan, you probably figured it out pretty quickly, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with her identity, or If you haven’t watched “What They Become,” stop reading now because there are major spoilers ahead.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Funny story about this week’s episode. I was in my room, already in bed, while my roommate was watching (also in bed, in her room). When she finished, she texted me (What, that’s normal, right? Roommates text each other from their rooms all the time?) a message that read, “WAIT, IS SKYE QUAKE?!” I hadn’t actually thought about it (and honestly, I was pretty wrapped up in The Flash) but I quickly realized that my roomie was right. Skye is Daisy effing Johnson, AKA Quake. Executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen have since confirmed this assumption in multiple interviews. Check out Daisy Johnson. She is badass.

Source: Marvel
Source: Marvel

Even though Skye has no trouble gunning down Ward (and how awesome was that?) she isn’t quite able to pull the trigger on dear old dad. As she lets him escape, he has some very interesting parting words for her, which also revealed her identity:

After you change, no one else will understand. They’ll be afraid. Change is terrifying. But I am your father and I love you. I will always love you… Daisy.

YEP, DAISY. Earlier in the episode, her father introduced himself as Cal, which we now know is short for Dr. Calvin Zabo, AKA the Marvel villain Mr. Hyde. The interesting thing about Daisy Johnson, in comic canon, is that she’s a mutant. Since Disney/ABC doesn’t have legal rights to the word “mutant,” she will be an Inhuman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s also been confirmed by the producers, but it’s something many viewers had already assumed (including me).

But what the heck happens to Skye? How does she “change”? As she, Raina and Trip (RIP) are closed into the cave with the Diviner, the obelisk sort of clicks into place and what I’m assuming is Terrigen Mist gets released. Terrigan Mist unlocks the “more than human” part of Inhumans. For Skye, as she changes, you can see that she causes a mini-earthquake.

Source: gasodu on Tumblr

Raina, I guess, unlocks her power of being…a Thundercat? A character from Avatar? I don’t know.

Source: clintbarton-s on Tumblr

So, what does this mean for Skye in the future? I’m not sure. They’ll obviously be altering Daisy Johnson’s comic storyline to better fit with Skye’s, but her powers have been unleashed and they’re definitely quake-tastic. She will need to learn to control these powers (this is me praying for a crossover episode with Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, teaching Skye how to meditate) and she will surely have many more questions for her dad about what she is and why. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Cal.

Unfortunately, I do think we’ve seen the last of Trip, who is clearly not one of the Kree chosen ones. He turns to stone and then just sort of…crumbles. LIKE MY HEART. Let’s pay our respects to Agent Tripplet with this lovely behind-the-scenes GIF of B.J. Britt and Chloe Bennet shaking their booties. Happier times! *SOB*

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