Gotham Recap: Imagine The Thing You Fear Most In The World

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

It’s been a while since I’ve written a recap of Gotham and plenty has happened while I was away. I am just going to assume you’ve been watching and move forward, because that’s what Batman would want me to do – and no one wants to disappoint Batman. He’s kind of cranky, ya know? On last night’s episode, “The Scarecrow,” Gotham introduced yet another famous baddie from the DC Comics universe (spoiler alert: it was The Scarecrow). Scarecrow’s origin story wasn’t quite the same as in the comics* but I have to admit, it was pretty cool. Jonathan Crane’s daddy is one creepy mofo, you guys. As the GCPD are busy hunting down the fear junkie (anti-fear junkie? fear anti-junkie?) our other Gotham residents are busy having some of their own weird sh*t go down…

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Bruce Wayne

This week, young Bruce Wayne goes on a vision quest or something, which is basically just a really long, extended metaphor. I hate long, extended metaphors. All alone, Bruce goes on a hike – one he would usually take with his father. He insists on going alone. Get it? Because this is something he has to do alone? On his journey – a spiritual journey, if you will, eh eh? – Bruce falls down a hill and sprains his ankle. Then he takes a really long time to climb back up the hill. It’s hard, but he makes it. Up the hill. Get it? Okay. When he finally makes it back to his camp, Alfred is waiting there for him, just as he always will be. Aww. I guess I can forgive the obvious metaphor if we get this cute photo.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Fish Mooney

If you recall, Fish Mooney was working for Falcone. Then she decidedly was not working for Falcone, because she tried to stage a coup. Then she was on a boat, because hey, why not? Now she is decidedly not on a boat, because the boat was hijacked by pirates or terrorists or generally nasty angry men who have kidnapped Fish and thrown her into the dungeon. Okay, it’s probably just a weird underground hideout, but still. She’s being held captive in some sort of hell hole where they remove people’s eyes and only give out one knife. Fortunately, Fish Mooney never passes up an opportunity to seize some power. She quickly uses her charm (read: hot body) to dethrone the guy in charge and gain control of…well, we still don’t know where she is.

Oswald Cobblepot

When we last saw our dear Penguin, he was escaping a gruesome death, courtesy of one car crusher and one very pissed off Sal Maroni. This week, Cobblepot is back under the assumed safety of Carmine Falcone, who frankly doesn’t seem to care much about Penguin’s near death experience. He just wants Fish’s club cleaned up, possibly with new lamps and less fish decor. Cobblepot takes over, snazzing the joint up with some neon umbrellas, but no one comes to his fancy opening. Oh, except for Sal Maroni, who makes it clear that Penguin is toast the moment Falcone kicks the bucket.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Edward Nygma

Edward Nygma is finally getting interesting! Since returning from the hiatus, Gotham has started giving him some actual character depth beyond “guy who annoys everyone with riddles” and I am definitely a fan. I think Cory Michael Smith is really coming into his own in this role.  That scene in the precinct between him and Penguin? “Did you know that male emperor penguins keep their eggs warm by balancing them on their feet? Isn’t that neat?” Perfection.

Barbara Kean

Hey, remember Barbara Kean? Remember how a few weeks ago, she left Gotham to stay with her parents? Was, um…was that it? I sort of thought something would come of that, since the scene between Barbara and her mother was pretty intense. It felt like it was going somewhere, but…she’s just gone now? I think? I don’t know. That’s kind of a lame exit, but If Barbara has been written off the show, I say good riddance. I am much happier with Brody’s wife Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who actually has some romantic chemistry with Detective Gordon.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon is so cute when he dates someone he actually seems to like, isn’t he? It’s also kind of nice to see him smile a little. As I said above, Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin have great chemistry and I am eager to see where their relationship goes, especially now that she’s the new Medical Examiner at GCPD. Jim seems to be making some more (okay, like two) friends at work, but who knows if his relationship with the new ME will work in his favor, or just piss everyone off? Oh, what does it matter? Jim will surely piss everyone off all on his own.


* I don’t think so, anyway – someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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  1. I must agree! I am loving more of The Riddler’s characteristics coming out and the scene between him and Penguin was money! Then again I do have a huge crush on Cory Michael as (The Riddler) . I mean how can anyone not! He is adorable with his riddles and quirkiness. Almost like a Sheldon but better.

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