Marvel Makes It Official: They’re Gonna Get Their Spidey On

Source: Marvel
Source: Marvel

After five – yes five – Spider-Man movies, Marvel and Sony Pictures announced today that…we’re going to get more Spider-Man! In movies! Okay, so it’s a bigger deal than all that – Marvel made it official this morning: in an unprecedented collaboration between Marvel and Sony, Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After years of speculation and, let’s face it, some really crappy films, Marvel fans will finally see Spidey where he belongs: amongst The Avengers.


Marvel and Sony are keeping quiet on when Peter Parker will make his first MCU appearance, though many are speculating that it will take place in Captain America 3: Civil War. This could mean a lot of things, depending on how far they decide to take it. Spider-Man has a pretty serious role in the original Civil War comic arc, but it might feel sort of abrupt to bring him in so deeply, out of the blue. Perhaps he will only make himself known in an end-credits scene? I’m not certain.

What is certain, however, is that Disney has decided to push back half of Marvel Phase III – Thor: RagnarokBlack Panther and Captain Marvel – to accommodate a new solo-Spidey film. BuzzFeed News has also reported that Andrew Garfield will be replaced as the lead actor.

Overall, I am pretty excited about this news, but I do have a few requests:

1. Do not give us the Spider-Man origin story again. If I have to see Uncle Ben get shot one more time, I swear to God…

2. Let’s make Spider-Man a little bit more fun this time? Like the comics? Andrew Garfield was an improvement over the incredibly emo Tobey Maguire, but come on. Spidey is funny!



3. Let’s keep Emma Stone involved somehow. Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, I don’t care. Just keep Emma Stone!

What do you think about Spider-Man coming to the MCU?

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