Pretty Little Liars Theory: Who Is Trying To Frame The Girls For Mona’s Murder?

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

You guys, we need to talk Pretty Little Liars. It’s been a few months since Mona Vanderwaal’s murder (RIP!) and it seems like the residents of Rosewood are in a holding pattern. First, the cops arrest Spencer Hastings for the murder of Bethany Young – that was obviously not true, but they did, because they’re all kind of stupid. Then Spencer’s name gets cleared (duh) and Ali DiLaurentis gets sent to jail for Mona’s murder. Ali seems like a much more likely killer, though I’m personally skeptical that she’d do her own dirty work. I mean, she seems awfully fussy and that was a lot of stabbing, you know?

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Now it looks like at least one of the Liars – Spencer, Aria, Hanna or Emily – will be set up for Mona’s murder – which is sort of confusing, since Mona was killed on Thanksgiving and they all have alibis. I mean Spencer was in the process of being arrested for Bethany’s murder, wasn’t she? Whatever. This is happening. Thanks to a blood drive, a room full of stolen evidence and an incriminating video of Hanna and Caleb, some mystery individual is ready for some framing.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Up until about a week ago, it seemed clear to the Liars (and to everyone else) that Holbrook was working for Ali, gathering murder evidence (and the body?) in that storage unit and setting it all up. Now we know that isn’t true. Looks like poor Holbrook was just another pawn in Ali’s game, since:

  • He’s been suspended from the force for altering Ali’s lie detector test (props to Toby for catching that one!)
  • He’s been shut out by Alison, now that she got what she wanted out of him (the doctored lie detector test)
  • He’s kind of a big sad loser and probably not smart enough to frame anyone for murder since he’s too busy moping over a high school student who won’t answer his texts

Of course, that begs the question – who actually is trying to set up the Liars?  Here are some possible candidates.

Cyrus Petrillo: Ali’s fake kidnapper made his return this week, collecting some cash from Mike. For what, exactly? I don’t know. But I do know that if I had to go through all the trouble of stealing evidence, tampering with blood and framing four teenagers for murder, I’d charge more than $400.

Mike Montgomery: Mike is definitely doing something shady, but I think it’s pretty clear that he’s a red herring this time. A very muscular, very angry red herring.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Toby Cavanaugh: I don’t really think Toby did it, but he’s certainly had access to all the right materials. Plus, he’s been acting like a d*ck lately.

Lieutenant Tanner: Tanner has even more access than Toby, and she always acts like a d*ck. Plus, I’m pretty sure her job is riding on this botched up case.

Mona Vanderwaal: What? Weirder things have happened on this show.

Jenna, Sydney or those creepy twins: We already know they’re working for Alison. Why couldn’t it be them?

CeCe Drake: My money is on CeCe. She showed up at the Christmas ball and is, ya know, an insane murderer who would do anything for Alison. Setting up some teens for murder is definitely in her wheelhouse.

What do you think – who is trying to frame the Liars?

12 thoughts

  1. I’ve seen some super interesting and convincing “Hanna is ultimate A/took the game from Mona” tumblr theories. And I’m inclined to agree. Going back and watching old episodes she’s crazy sketchy, not to mention she’s gotten super smart all of a sudden (getting into “brainiac” schools) and her dumb lines are just TOO dumb (after Caleb talks about her brainiac admissions she claims to not know what the SATs are). I think she’s always been playing dumb. Like Mona.

    As for motive, the most recent ep makes me feel like she’s doing it for Daddy’s attention. He’s totally abandoned her and maybe she’s super desperate – and has some stupid high school logic that if she’s framed for murder he’ll finally care? Anyway, who knows. Just a guess, since we see A using her blood at the end. (Also the only reason the liars got blood taken was at Hannah’s insistence to help her mother)

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      1. SO smart. Also a couple episodes ago in a flashback Mona told Hanna “you’re smarter than Spencer Hastings if you wanna be”

        Other sketchy Hanna things:
        • she’s bragged she is an expert at copying handwriting (she nonchalantly says to forge her mother’s signature) but uses this to help the liars with a clue (back when Garret was arrested for Ali’s murder)
        •she stole that diary of Ali’s from Ezra’s lair, and didn’t tell them for awhile. And then after it made is rounds through the liars (who were trying to decipher which stories were about them) they realize some of the stories had been edited. Who was that handwriting expert?
        •she’s bragged she’s an expert on tailing people (but brushed it off as learning when her mom taught her while her dad was cheating)
        • remember that creepy note from arias mom’s fiancé, Zach trying to hit on Hanna? It was apparently from A, and Zach said that Hanna slid this note into his pocket. Not that it was mailed to him, or taped to his door, or found at the grill, but it was SLID INTO HIS POCKET. Can’t exactly fake that. Something about that is off…also, another issue with handwriting (and the second time Hanna stopped a wedding. The first was her dads to his mistress, at A’s insistence.)

        There’s a lot more, but MAN she’s super sketchy if you go back and watch.


      2. she stole that diary of Ali’s from Ezra’s lair, and didn’t tell them for awhile. And then after it made is rounds through the liars (who were trying to decipher which stories were about them) they realize some of the stories had been edited. Who was that handwriting expert?


        Also, she’s the one with the “lost identity” since Ali came back and the only one to still care about Mona. Maybe this is her new identity?


      3. Maybe! I remember this season there’s an episode where ali tries to leave and Hanna was gonna help her and not tell anyone before Emily caught her!

        Also though, like Mona, back when Hanna was hefty she was an ali victim. Maybe she’s holding a grudge?

        Also consider all the times people have mentioned “a blonde” or have mistaken her for ali. We are always thinking its CeCe but what if it was Hanna who’s the mystery troublemaking blonde?


      4. Hanna is always trying to do crazy stuff for attention, too. Like the shoplifting!

        The only thing is, I definitely don’t think Hanna could kill anyone. I don’t think she has it in her.


      5. In season four, when Hanna’s mom is in trouble with the police for killing Wilden, her dad showed up. Now that her blood will be on Mona’s clothes, guess who will probably come back? Probably what Hanna wants….

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