Will We Meet The Joker On Tonight’s Gotham?

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

If you’re like me, when you finished last week’s episode of Gotham, you were only thinking one thing: hold on, did that teaser just show us the Joker? I mean…that’s Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) at the end of this promo, playing a young version of Gotham City’s most terrifying villain…isn’t it? With the scary laughing and all the crazy eyes?

It is, right? Well, according to executive producer Bruno Heller, that is definitely maybe the Joker or it’s maybe definitely not the Joker, but it’s definitely someone who may or may not be the Joker. Wait…huh? Heller gave some very vague information to E! News when asked if Monaghan’s character “Jerome,” who will be introduced in tonight’s episode, is really the one with the perma-grin:

I can tell you this is a long game plan and a long story that we are telling here. What I can promise you is this is not a bait-and-switch. This is not someone who is just a character who is going to disappear. This is not a red herring. It’s the beginning of the story of how the Joker came to be, how the Joker was created, where he came from, who he is. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cameron Monaghan is the Joker. He might be. But like I say, this is a story that begins about seven or eight years before the actual Joker arrives on the scene in his fully-fledged persona. As we’re telling with all of these characters, the origin story of that villain begins Monday.

Okay, yeah, so that was super vague. But odds are, it’s the Joker. Or at least an early incarnation. Heller goes on to say, “This is not a trick. It’s the beginning of the Joker saga.” I guess that’s a bit clearer, even though “The Blind Fortune Teller” is meant to be a standalone episode. But at least the show isn’t just messing with us. Maybe.


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