Did The Bachelor Send [Spoiler] Home Because Of Her Nude Photos?

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

I haven’t been recapping this season of The Bachelor and honestly, that’s a shame – there’s been more than a little bizarre sh*t going down with Iowa farmer Chris Soules. No joke, I actually sort of feel bad for him – the producers dipped their hands real deep into the crazy bucket for this round of casting. One of my favorite crazies this season is Jade. Now, if you haven’t watched last night’s episode, you’re probably like, “Crazy? Jade? But she’s so timid and shy and quiet!” Well, that’s what Chris thought, too! Turns out, she’s more of a “wild mustang” – hey, those are her brother’s words, not mine.

Jade spent the last couple of episodes squirming, trying to tell Chris a secret. The secret: not so long ago, Jade moved to LA to start her modeling career and ended up doing some nude photos and videos for Playboy. Now, let me get this out of the way: posing for Playboy does not make Jade a bad person. It does not make her a slut. Hell, even if Jade had done hardcore pornography, it would not make her a slut. Jade would not be a slut even if she was an actual prostitute, because what a woman does with her body is her business. I am not making a judgement call about Jade’s choice to post nude. Jade can do whatever the hell Jade wants, you know? But waiting until her hometown date and then pulling out her laptop for Chris – literally showing him her foray into nude modeling right there on the couch – I mean, who does that? That was super weird.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Of course I think she should have told him – if you’re seriously considering marrying someone, you should open up about big, life-changing events. You should also probably let your future husband know that all his friends can Google your boobs. Just, you know, as a courtesy. To his credit, Chris didn’t seem to be too judgey about the whole thing, although he did admit that Arlington, Iowa is not the most progressive town and she’d probably face some problems there. But really? I don’t think he cared so much about the photos – I think he cared about how, all of a sudden, Jade was a completely different person.

Chris wrote about meeting her family in his blog:

Talking to her family, I realized very quickly that I didn’t really know the real Jade. They kept calling her a “free spirit,” and her brother even called her a “wild mustang.” I’ve said before that I want some edge in my future wife. I love to unleash and let go and have fun. But that was basically the opposite of the Jade I’d seen up until that point. The Jade I knew was quiet, shy, almost meek. I was intrigued by what her family was saying, but almost disturbed by the fact that the Jade I knew was so different from what they were describing.

If you’ve been following this season, you can’t really blame Chris for being shocked. Jade has spent most of her time playing a shy, small-town girl, practically ducking her head in embarrassment when Chris looked at her too hard. She’s definitely not the contestant I’d peg as a nude model (*cough*Jillian*cough*). It’s no wonder Chris was surprised. He goes on:

Later that night, I could have never anticipated what Jade told me. When she started sharing that she had something to tell me, my mind immediately went to the worst. I was almost relieved when she revealed that she’d done some nude modeling. When she offered to show me the photos, I really didn’t know what to say. A big part of me did not want to see that, but knowing that it was important to her for me to see it with her, I reluctantly obliged; it was extremely uncomfortable, though.

You can watch the whole awkward exchange below:

Naturally, Jade was sent home last night. Was it because of the nude photos? Well, I’d say yes and no. I am going to give Chris the benefit of the doubt here and say that he sent Jade home because he didn’t really know Jade – the Jade he was falling for was not this free spirited, do-whatever-I-want, no regrets kind of girl – and after weeks of thinking one thing about someone, it’s hard to re-calibrate your mind. The truth is, I think Chris could’ve fallen for the “wild mustang” Jade – despite his small-town vibe, he really doesn’t strike me as super conservative. Maybe it couldn’t happen on The Bachelor, because this show is all about slut shaming, but perhaps in real life they could’ve been together. If Jade had been herself from the start.

Source: Playboy
Source: Playboy

Chris told her, as he walked her to the limo, that his decision had nothing to do with the photos. Is that true? Maybe. As for Jade, she believes him. She told Good Morning America“We had that conversation, and I felt like he was being honest with me, and when I didn’t get the rose he sat down with me and made it very clear that wasn’t the reason I went home, so I’d like to believe it.”

What do you think – did Chris judge Jade for her Playboy modeling, or was it just that he didn’t know the real Jade?

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