Gotham Recap: Like Looking Down A Deep, Dark Tunnel

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

This week’s episode of Gotham gave us some seriously strange business. “The Blind Fortune Teller” had circus freaks, organ harvesters, voices from beyond the grave, brainwashed sidekicks, inappropriate sleepovers and murderous kids who may or may not grow up to be the most notorious villain of all time. Just another week in Gotham, I guess. At least there was no Balloon Killer. As Detective Jim Gordon gets closer to Leslie Thompkins, young Bruce Wayne gets closer to the secrets behind Wayne Enterprises. The rest of the Gotham regulars mostly just get weird.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Bruce Wayne

Oh jeez, poor Bruce. He is trying so hard, he really is. After getting blown off several times, he finally makes it to a meeting of the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors. Everyone stares at him, marveling at how adorable he looks in his big-boy suit. That is, until he starts talking. The meeting goes something like this:

BRUCE: I know you are all corrupt, potentially murderous liars and I am here to discuss your suspicious activity.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Aw! How cute! Let’s get the kiddo some apple juice!
BRUCE: No, for real. I’m onto you jerks. Here is a list of all your wrongdoings.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bruce, are you sleepy? Why don’t you have nappy times?
BRUCE: Okay, cool, I’ll just bring all this shady nonsense up to the shareholders, how’s that then?

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Oswald Cobblepot

True story: Oswald totally sucks as a club owner. He’s got his freaking mom up on stage singing old standards like the weirdest, most Oedipal stage show since, um, Oedipus. The problem is, he’s the only one enamored by his mother’s crooning. Everyone else is probably on Yelp, looking for a new place to hang out. Falcone sends in trusty henchman Victor Zsasz, who gives it to the Penguin in plain terms: get better at managing this club or die. Oh, and also? Zsasz has Fish’s buddy Butch newly brainwashed and ready for service. That’s…um. Weird.

Fish Mooney

Fish is still in her unnamed dungeon place. We’re told that the kidnappers in charge are harvesting their organs for sale, which seems like one hell of a conclusion to jump to, but it’s presented as fact. So organ harvesting it is! She manages to rile up her troops and use their brute force to gain access to a one-on-one with the guy in charge. Whoever that is. The way she gets it is pretty effed up, though – when the kidnappers come in for their next victim, she makes demands. When those demands aren’t met, her army kills the target before they can get to him, or his pricey organs. Damn, Fish.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Jerome/The Joker (?)

After hyping up this week’s episode, saying that it would be “no joke,” it seemed pretty certain that new character Jerome would be an introduction to the Joker. Whether he ends up being the real Joker or not, though, I have to give major props to Cameron Monaghan for a truly terrifying performance. The scared, innocent mama’s boy who turns out to have murdered his “nagging whore mother”? Yeah, I’ll buy that as a Joker backstory. That’s the truly great thing about the Joker, though – he doesn’t have a true origin story, unless you count The Killing Joke. The writers can do whatever they want. This, I think, is a good start.  I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Jerome, or his creepy future-seeing birth father.

Barbara Kean

Oh God, more Barbara. I was really hoping that she was gone. But nope! More Barbara! Ugh. She returns to her apartment, dressed like she’s been clubbing for a week straight. I’m guessing she was pretty high – why else would she be so unconcerned with two homeless tweens squatting in her place? I guess Barbara’s whole terrified-of-everything phase is over and now intruders are totally cool for sharing late-night snacks and boy advice. Too bad that her (very lame) attempt to get Jim back quickly ends when she walks in on Jim and the doc making out. I sure hope Cat and Ivy are waiting back home with a pint of mint chocolate chip.

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

Jim Gordon

Jim does pretty well when he’s getting some – ahem – action, doesn’t he? He’s less angry, though still as self-righteous as always. But that’s what makes him the good guy, right? I think Doctor Thompkins is a good influence on him. She’s helping him see the other side of things without making him run around in a rage all the time. It makes him more effective as a cop, not to mention way less growly. Then again, maybe he needs to reign his new woman in just a little – she seems to get maaaaybe a little too much of a thrill from talking to sociopaths. Also, pro tip for Jim: never take your girlfriend on a date to the circus. It always ends in murder. Haven’t you seen American Horror Story?

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