Pretty Little Liars Dropped A Bloody A-Bomb This Week

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Last week, all signs pointed to Mike Montgomery as the evidence-stealing, blood-planting, murder-framing culprit on Pretty Little Liars. Of course, as I predicted, Mike was just a red herring. Then again, I was only right about one thing: Aria’s brother Mike is not working for A and/or Alison DiLaurentis. But what he’s actually been up to? Well, I did not see that coming. Spoilers below.

Let me start with a confession: I thought the end story was going to be way lamer. Based on his obsessive working out and scary rage issues, I thought there would be some silly “Mike is addicted to steroids” plot. I am so glad I was wrong.  SO GLAD. It turns out that he’s been acting so shady because – wait for it – he’s been expecting to hear from Mona. Yes, that Mona. The dead one.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

WAIT, WHAT? I KNOW! Apparently, Mona was busy stashing away her own blood in a mini-fridge, planning to fake her own murder and frame Alison for it. She was in contact with A – though she still didn’t know A’s identity – and agreed to stage her own death to get Ali locked in jail. Mike knew of this plan – he and Mona had plans to meet up after her “death” – but she hasn’t shown up to any of their scheduled rendezvouses and now he’s scared. That’s why he went to visit Ali in prison – to get answers. He thinks A double-crossed Mona and actually murdered her, cleanly removing both Ali and Mona from the picture. But if that’s true…why is A now trying to frame Hanna, Spencer and Aria for it?

This leaves me with two conclusions:

1. CeCe is A, as I theorized last week, and Mona is actually dead. CeCe is working for Alison in some way, and now framing the girls to try and get her out of jail.

2. Mona is still A and that b*tch is still alive. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY. Or would it?

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

A few lingering questions:

  • I’m no forensic expert, but can’t you tell how long blood has been outside of a body? Mona must’ve been collecting that blood for weeks and weeks, considering she didn’t have to be hospitalized over it. Wouldn’t the police be able to test it and know it wasn’t fresh from a body?
  • If she was murdered, where did the fridge full of blood end up? Did A take it? And how did Mrs. Vanderwaal not notice an entire refrigerator full of blood in her house?
  • So wait, does Mike still have everyone else’s blood? Or was that someone else?
  • Do you think Mike was going to wear Mona’s blood around his neck like a 2002-era Angelina Jolie?
  • According to Mike, Alison can’t be the killer, because Cyrus took Ali out of town that day? This confuses the hell out of me – I thought she only disappeared from Thanksgiving for a little while? Now she was gone from Rosewood entirely? Huh?
  • Does anyone care about the spray painting guy or the bi-sexual chef? I care so little, I don’t even remember their names.

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