[Updated] Lady Gaga Joins American Horror Story, Reveals Season 5 Theme

Source: Spin
Source: Spin

Calling all Little Monsters: Lady Gaga has officially joined the cast of American Horror Story for season five – and from the looks of her announcement on Twitter, she’s also revealed the show’s next theme. American Horror Story: Hotel? Seems like.

Fans – including myself – have long speculated the theme of season five, where our biggest clue was a recurring image of a top hat. How does that fit in with Lady Gaga’s role? How does the hotel relate to top hats? What kind of character will Lady Gaga play? These are all still unanswered questions.

As of right now, AHS creator Ryan Murphy hasn’t said a word – he’s only retweeted Gaga’s announcement above. He’s previously worked with Gaga on Glee, back when the show was semi-good. I will update this post if more details come in.

Personally, I am pretty excited about this development. There is a ton of potential for creepiness in an old hotel – and I’m thinking it’s definitely going to have that “classic Hollywood” feel. Plus, Lady Gaga was a theater major in college and she’s not shy about pushing the envelope when it comes to making a spectacle. I think this could be a lot of fun.

What do you think: are you excited about Lady Gaga joining AHS? What do you think the hotel plot will entail?



UPDATE: Lady Gaga has tweeted that the season will be “a twisted fantasy” – not a terribly specific detail, but interesting nonetheless. What do you think it could mean

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