Pretty Little Liars: Does The End Of Ezria Mean What I Think It Means?

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

Last week on Pretty Little Liars, two significant and somewhat Ezra-Fitz-related things happened. First, Aria and Sexy Tutor Andrew kissed. After barely speaking to Ezra all season, I guess it was finally time for Aria to move on. Maybe. Or maybe not? Regardless, Andrew got some smooches out of the deal. Second, Cyrus Petrillo told the Liars about Varjak, a code name for one of A’s henchmen. Varjak is most recently known for such evil deeds as setting Cyrus on fire and then trying to kill him in the hospital. He seems like a lovely fellow! Varjak may or may not also be behind many of the Liars’ recent troubles, including stealing Mona’s crime scene evidence and vials of the Liars’ blood.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

This week on Pretty Little Liars, these situations turn from somewhat-Ezra-related to all-about-Ezra.  Let’s cover the easy one first. After Aria wrote a letter renouncing her relationship with Ezra, Ezra broke things off between them. Even though she only wrote the letter to get into college (don’t get me started) he imagined there had to be some truth behind her words. Now, Aria’s confused, but also exploring a flirtation with Sexy Tutor Andrew. After realizing that she kind of did miss out on some high school stuff (ya think?) Aria tells Ezra that – while she does not regret dating him – she thinks she should go to college as a single lady.  #EndOfEzria, people. The hashtag says it all.

Source: ABC Family
Source: ABC Family

This leaves Ezra single and unattached to Aria, right before A’s identity is revealed. That normally wouldn’t make me very suspicious (compared to what else happens on this show, it’s barely questionable). But considering his connection to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and his Alison/Holly Golightly obsession, things are definitely suspect. If you remember, when Ezra first met Ali, he said that she reminded him of Holly Golightly, the Audrey Hepburn character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In the film, Holly’s neighbor Paul Varjak – a struggling writer who has a typewriter, just saying – falls in love with her. We know that Alison had a passport with the name “Holly Varjak” on it. We also know that no one in Homeland Security would ever be dumb enough to fall for that, but whatever.


The point is, there’s a serious Ezra connection to the name Varjak. Plus, Ezra has always been a creeper. There was the whole A-Level Lair, stalking, hidden cameras and creepy-ass manuscript thing back in season four. Right, remember that? I do. Everyone forgave him way too easily, in my opinion. Now we see that “Varjak” also has a hidden lair – a cabin in the woods, stashed with money. Remember how rich Ezra is? I do. With only a couple of episodes left until the big A reveal, does this mean what I think it means? Is Ezra A after all – or at least working with A? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely a possibility.

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  1. I fear that my theory may be true. I think he was playing dumb when him and Aria got locked out of the lair. For all we know he could have been there hundreds of times. He is the character that is most similar to Varjack. The only 2 people that I think could be A other than Ezra are Cece and Wren. Yet, Ezra seems to really be A right now.

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