Three Secrets Ready To Shake Things Up On Agents Of SHIELD

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Get it? Shake? See what I did there? Sorry. The mid-season premiere of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD really did shake things up, in more ways than one. Everyone is changed – some in very literal ways – and no one is dealing. We have Skye, who hasn’t seemed to recognize (or accept?) that she’s not human anymore. We have Simmons, who’s decided that all mutations are a plague that she needs to wipe from the Earth. Yikes, right? Then we have Coulson, who seems hell bent on making Hydra pay for what happened to Trip. Everyone is keeping secrets. Some are definitely more dangerous than others – but let’s talk about the three big ones that are currently looming over the team.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

1. Skye’s DNA

Obviously, the biggest secret is that Skye is not really Skye anymore. After going through Terrigenesis (the name of my new band is “Going Through Terrigenesis,” by the way) she’s transformed into Quake, the true Inhuman identity of Daisy Johnson. Her dad, Crazy Cal, seems elated by this news, but Skye is less than thrilled – mostly because she has no idea what is happening to her. No one does. In fact, the only person who even knows that she’s transformed is Fitz. He switches out her DNA results so that the team will think Skye was still Skye. Something tells me that they’re not going to be able to keep this a secret for long, though. I mean, the girl causes earthquakes, you know? Not terribly discreet.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

2. Bobbi and Mack’s sketchy mission

So, remember that model car Mack built for Coulson? Remember how it seemed really random and you were like, “Why do they keep bringing up this dumb car, also the world is ending, why is Mack playing with a toy car all the time, what the hell, man?!” Maybe that was just me. But regardless, we finally have a reason – Mack’s car is actually designed to track Nick Fury’s toolbox. That means Bobbi and Mack are trying to get the toolbox – but why? For whom? Are they Hydra? Something tells me it’s not so simple of an answer – but they are lying a lot, so who knows.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

3. Raina’s trip to Inhuman boot camp

Not that Skye’s Terrigenesis is going super smoothly, but let’s just all agree that Raina is having a rougher time, shall we? In the mid-season finale, it seemed like she became catlike, but now we see that she’s actually covered in thorns. These thorns dig into her from the inside out, which is gross and gives her constant physical agony. Plus, she’s hella pissed that she’s not hot anymore. Raina is not coping well. Luckily, we learn that Skye’s mother Jiaying used to run a School for Gifted Youngsters learning center for newly transformed Inhumans. Gordon – the dude with no eyes – was once her pupil (Haha get it, pupil? Sorry) and now he’s helping run the place. He snatches Raina right in the middle of her suicide attempt. Hopefully, this Inhuman boot camp will help her learn to adjust to her new form. I kind of feel bad for her.

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