Welcome To My Blog…Take Two



Nearly four years to this day (it will be four years tomorrow, actually) I started this blog. At the time, my vision for To Shell With It was something between a TV recap website and a general pop culture blog, with some random posts thrown in here and there just for funsies. And I did that, rambling on about the shows I loved, the characters I hated, and Stassi Schroeder (#noshame) for more than a year. Then I decided to go back to school and get a master’s degree, while still working full time. In a weird twist of fate, immediately after I enrolled in school I was promoted at work and my life quickly became A Lot To Manage. TV started piling up on the DVR and I couldn’t keep up with my regular posting schedule. Or any posting schedule. I sadly had to give up blogging.

So, four years after that first awkward post, here I am. In many ways, I am very much the same Shelly. I am still in my 30s, I still work in corporate marketing, I still live in Fort Lauderdale, and I still spend a lot of time talking about Stassi. Seriously, have you been watching the new season of Vanderpump Rules? I live for those garbage people.

Older and wiser (?)

But things have also changed for me. Now I have a Master’s Degree in Media Management, which is sitting between cardboard in my closet (what do people do with paper degrees if they’re not a doctor????) and a lot more focus on my mental and physical health. The year 2017 was a giant shit show in almost every way possible, but I did make some positive personal changes: I started eating healthy, began practicing yoga, joined a gym, started to learn how to really cook (turns out using Postmates doesn’t count), and I found myself a therapist.

With her help, and a lot of work on my part, I’ve come a long way in practicing self care. Even though I felt silly–not to mention selfish–at first, I pushed myself to focus on my own wellness. See, now I am one of those people who says things like, “wellness” and “mindfulness,” which is very strange and new for me. I have a daily gratitude journal and I make my own effing trail mix, for god’s sake. So bizarre.

Clearly, I am still in the early stages of learning to live this way and it’s not easy. To put it plainly, sometimes I feel like I’ve finally mastered adulting, and sometimes I’m messy AF. My therapist recently went on maternity leave (so rude, right?) and I thought blogging might be a good place to vomit my emotions share my own experiences and hopefully learn from others as well.

To Shell With It 2.0

That’s not to say that To Shell With It is now “a wellness blog. ” Right now, it’s not much of anything. But here I am, so let’s do this thing. This blog will be a mixed bag: health and fitness, beauty, style, home decor, and ways that I practice self care. And other stuff. Probably. Shrug emoji.

Oh–and for those people who still follow me from my TV recapping days, I’m sorry that I won’t be going back to that. Some of my favorite pop culture websites (which inspired To Shell With It 1.0) are Go Fug Yourself, Pajiba, Vulture, and Previously TV. I recommend you start reading those, if you’re not already.


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