Birthday Thoughts: 38 Things I’m Grateful For


This past Saturday, I celebrated my 38th birthday. Because I’ve come down with a nasty chest cold, the day definitely came with more of a whimper than a bang. I ended up skipping the happy hour my colleagues held for me (don’t worry, they still went out and drank in my name) and cancelled celebratory brunch plans. You know it’s a bad cough when you choose lemon tea over bottomless mimosas, right?

But other than being sick, it wasn’t the worst birthday. I was just saying to my BFF that I am not dreading getting closer to 40. In fact, I think my forties are going to kick ass. My twenties were alright, but definitely not the greatest times in my life. I was often lost and lonely, and frequently broke. I was always caught up in some drama, and my emotions were all over the place. I fought a lot with my friends and family, and I had quite a few internal struggles as well. My thirties have been a lot more mellow. I’ve grown up, found my place, learned to be happy. Of course I still fight with the people I love, but it’s not so quick to occur. It doesn’t hurt that I have an actual expendable income now, either.

So, as I inch closer to the big 4-0, here are 38 things I’m grateful for:

1. My BFF, who may have given me this cold, but has also given me 24 years of unconditional friendship

2. Snuggles with my cats

3. I have a job that gives me good benefits and enough money to be comfortable

4. My boss doesn’t suck

5. Yoga

6. Being able to enjoy healthy food

7. Allowing myself to still enjoy unhealthy food

8. The Women’s March (on my birthday!) and this slideshow of badass kids marching with signs

9. Noise-cancelling headphones

10. Coffee

11. Google Maps

12. There are a lot of people in my life who make me laugh

13. YouTube makeup tutorials


14. Chris Evans’ beard in the Infinity War trailer

15. Finishing my master’s degree this year

16. Having an actual cold winter in Florida

17. The 90s are back and I am finally cool again

18. I got not one, but two nice bottles of champagne as gifts recently

19. That time Mindy Kaling liked my tweet

20. I’m blogging again

Messy hair, don’t care

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21. This picture of my cat, Jay

22. My new Jo Malone candle, which makes my bedroom smell d-i-v-i-n-e

23. Work-from-home Fridays

24. Sterling K. Brown


25. The Good Place

26. Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime

27. Check, Please!

28. Bubble baths

29. Forgiveness

30. Mucinex (that might be a specifically-right-now moment of gratitude)

She is filled with ennui

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31. This picture of my cat, Daisy

32. Britney Spears

33. Remote check deposits

34. Naps

35. Being able to afford a good haircut and color

36. This goat who feel less anxious when she wears a duck costume

37.  The ‘mute’ function on Twitter

38. Charcuterie plates



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