Hello there! My name is Shelly, I’m thirty-mumblemumble years old, and I live in sunny South Florida, which is a silly way to describe a place with this much rain. I am a corporate marketing drone professional at a technology company, specializing in new & digital media. On a scale of Google to Office Space, my job falls somewhere in the middle and (most days) I love it.

Inconspicuous people watching selfie

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Keeping a healthy work/life balance is very important to me. I have always been one of those “define myself by my career” type of people, and my current job can be quite demanding. I try to make time every day for a little self care, whether that’s a serious cardio session at the gym or 30 minutes in the bath playing Cookie Jam on my phone. I firmly believe that self care can mean whatever you want it to mean, so long as you take that time for yourself and stay present.

To Shell With It started as one thing and then was reborn into another. You can read more about the evolution of this blog here, if you’re curious.  I am by no means a professional blogger, nor do I want to be, but it’s nice to share my little corner of the world with you.

Here’s a few more fun and interesting (might be pushing it, there) facts about me:

1. I have two cats, which you definitely already know if you follow me on Instagram. They are the hugest, most floofiest Maine Coons ever. Their names are Daisy and Jay and yes, that’s because of The Great Gatsby. No, you’re basic.

This is what my cats do when the house is cleaned. #scaryvacuummonster

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2. Even though I live in Fort Lauderdale, I am terrified of the ocean and hardly ever go to the beach. Nothing should be that vast and endless and it just freaks me out, okay?

3. I am a massive book nerd and used to be a high school English teacher. I unequivocally do not miss being a teacher, but I still read a ton of books and will happily geek out with you over your faves.

4. I’m addicted to makeup. No, really. At the time of writing this post, it’s January 5, 2018 and I am already VIB Rouge at Sephora until 2019.

Hi I found my new favorite lipstick 💄

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5. I love comic books and avidly read them, mostly from the Marvel universe. Bucky Barnes is my future husband.

6. I don’t like birthday cake.

7. I strongly believe that you can never have enough cardigans or socks.

8. I take a lot of vitamins. A lot.

9. One of my biggest obsessions is true crime. I watch the Investigation Discovery channel nonstop (my best friend fondly refers to them as “[my] murder shows”) and I know far too much about forensic DNA. I could probably murder you and get away with it, is what I’m saying.

My heart will go on 🤘🏻☠️

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10. I love the Real Housewives franchise and my favorite one is Real Housewives of New York City. #ScaryIslandForever #NeverForget