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Arrow Recap: You Want Me To Do What Now?

Oliver Queen is really on a roll. A week ago, he landed at -140 on the Oliver Queen Stupidity Index, mainly because of his thick head and even thicker flashback wig. This week, we’ve reached the point of no return. Thea Queen knows that she killed Sara Lance […]

The CW Reveals Arrow’s New Black Canary

Well, we knew it was coming. Unless you didn’t. In which case, spoilers for Arrow below. Ever since [SPOILER!] Sara Lance was killed in the Arrow season premiere, fans have been waiting for the new Black Canary to be revealed. Enter sister Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy. Now it’s […]

Arrow Recap: Her Hair’s A Lot Shorter

Previously on Arrow, Sara Lance got super duper shot to death by some arrows, but Oliver still has no idea who her assailant might be. It seemed like it was Simon Lacroix, AKA Komodo, but then it wasn’t. Oops! Oliver has made a vow to catch Sara’s killer, even though Laurel […]

Arrow Recap: No Time Is A Good Time For Goodbye

Last week, I introduced the Oliver Queen Stupidity Index, a scale to measure the stupidity of Oliver Queen’s decisions each week on Arrow. For the premiere, Oliver came out on top, despite some supremely dumb moves. He got together with Felicity (yay!) but then immediately broke up with Felicity (boo!) […]